Florida Man July 3 – Grand Theft Forklift

Florida man july 3

Florida man July 3 is about as crazy as it gets. Throughout the last few years, Florida Man has been a constant headline.

He is always doing something crazy.

Florida Man July 3

Florida Man July 3 The Microwaves

We don’t know about you but we have wondered what would happen to a microwave if we microwaved it.

On July 3 Florida Man Bill Davis, 26, decided to find out, Unfortunately, he died in the process.

During a video chat with a few friends, the topic of what would happen if you microwaved a microwave came up.

Our Florida man decided July 3 was the day he was going to find out. Next, he stuck his microwave oven inside his larger microwave and hit start.

The friends watched as he put 4:20 into the microwave, and both microwaves instantly exploded.

At the moment of the explosion, the video call ended. It wasn’t until the friends called the police that they learned about the explosion.

Florida Man July 3 The Air Conditioner Repairman

Those who aren’t from Florida often find the heat hard to tolerate. Most residents in Florida have an air conditioner in their homes to cope with the heat.

When those air conditioners go out, it isn’t uncommon for people to lose their cool.

A Florida man named Stephen Nguyen had a repairman come to fix his broken air conditioner on a sweltering July 3.

However, the repairman was unable to fix the downed unit. Stephen Nguyen claims the repairman not only could not fix the air conditioner but damaged it further.

When the repairman gave him a bill for 100$, Nguyen flew off the deep end.

Florida Man pulled out his gun and tried to hold the repairman hostage until the air conditioner was repaired.

The repairman managed to escape and hid behind his truck while calling 911.

Police came to the scene and charged Nguyen with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

We wonder how the AC unit is doing.

Florida Man July 3 Steals Forklift

On July 3, Florida man Bradley Barefoot, 43, decided he was tired of walking when he came across a forklift.

Instead of walking, he stole the forklift and drove it down the road. He then parked the forklift in a handicap spot. The forklift had a mattress, but the man walked around swearing and barefoot.

The police found the man with the forklift and started questioning the Florida Man. Barefoot tried to say that the forklift had been stolen from his job in Alabama, and he was taking it back.

After further questioning, they got Florida Man to admit the forklift was stolen so that he didn’t have to walk.

The best part is that it wasn’t Florida Man’s first time stealing a forklift. The Florida Man had stolen a forklift a year prior because he didn’t feel like walking. That time he stole it from a Best Buy and drove it to a restaurant.


Florida Man can’t help but get in trouble. July 3rd is just some of the tales Florida Man has engaged in. Reading through some of our other articles will help you find out what Florida Man has done on other days.

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