Florida Man June 21

Florida Man June 21

These three stories of Florida man June 21 show how gross Florida man can be. You never know what Florida Man is going to get up to, he is constantly engaging in some of the weirdest things that we have ever heard of.

Today we are going to answer the question of what Florida Man has done on June 21st.  We apologize ahead of time if this is your birthday.

Florida Man June 21 – Covered in Poop

Florida Man decided it would be a great idea to strip naked and cover himself in poop before breaking into a home.

Little did he know the woman in the home was prepared for him. The woman shot Florida Man and prevented herself from becoming a victim.

Police stated that it is unknown if drugs were involved in this case. However, we highly suspect they were. 

Florida Man June 21

Florida Man June 21 – Fatty Hiding Spots

On June 21 police arrested a Florida man, which is no big surprise. What is a surprise is where Florida Man was hiding his drugs.

Police searched the Florida man and found cocaine and marijuana hidden under the 450 lbs Florida Man’s fat rolls.

It turns out that Florida Man didn’t have quite enough fat. Police found his handgun and cash hidden in the vehicle.

Florida Man was not the only passenger in the vehicle. Officers arrested the heavy hider and his driver. When Police charged Florida Man with not wearing a seatbelt, he claimed to police, “I’m too big to wear a seatbelt.”

Florida Man June 21 – Robs Deaf Man

Robbing people with a disability is pretty low, but that is no problem for Florida Man. A Florida Man decided at 6 am that he was going to break into a deaf man’s car and wrestle him for the key fob.

While Florida Man got the key fob, the victim got away.

It didn’t take long for police to find Florida Man. They found him at a gas station, and he admitted to everything.

They also found the deaf man’s keyfob at a nearby bank. All in all, Florida Man didn’t get anything out of this crime. Despite the fact, he is smiling deviously in his mug shot.


Florida Man apparently can’t stop himself from doing the weirdest and craziest things. Despite these being some of the weirdest and craziest things we have heard of, we can’t help but want more.

If you want more too, make sure to check out some of the other days from Florida Man we have covered.

If you want to know how Florida man spent your birthday please leave the date in the comments below.

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