Top Outdoor Activities for Families at Jack London Square

Top Outdoor Activities for Families at Jack London Square

Enjoy the sun with your loved ones in this great waterfront neighborhood. It has several year-round ice cream shops, restaurants, bars, and other family-friendly activities.

Walk the Waterfront Trail

Steeped in a rich history as a port and shipping hub, Jack London Square today is a waterfront destination full of historic landmarks, restaurants, and entertainment. Visitors can spend days wandering the waterfront trail, marked by bronze wolf tracks, and soaking up the views of the bay.

The paved path offers scenic overlooks, benches, and interpretive signage that tell the story of Ithaca’s Cayuga Lake waterfront. The trail also passes by Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon, where Jack London used to hang out and write his famous novels. A large playground and grass-inset playing field provide plenty of space to kick around the ball or prep for Little League. A weekly farmers market and Regal Cinemas Jack London Stadium 9 movie theater add to the neighborhood feel of the area. Visitors can even get out on the water by renting a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, with many offering moonlight tours to take advantage of the magical evening light. 

Rent a Kayak or Paddleboard

The waterfront and marina area in Oakland’s Jack London Square offers a variety of dining, social events, and other attractions for tourists and locals alike. Here, you can spend the day exploring the marina’s bobbing boats or enjoy a leisurely lunch in a 19th-century saloon.

Named after the intrepid adventurer and author of The Sea-Wolf, White Fang, and Call of the Wild, Jack London Square activities are a great place to get up close and personal with Oakland’s history. Located in the heart of the district is Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon, an eclectic bar with a noticeable slant on its floor, where sailors would drink their first beer after returning home from a voyage and their final drinks before setting sail again. You can also rent a kayak or paddleboard to sightsee on the water and check out the Oakland Estuary, which is especially lively during fall bird migration. Some rental places even offer moonlight tours so you can experience the waterfront by day or night!

Watch a Movie Outdoors

Taking the family to a local outdoor movie is the perfect way to relax, have fun, and bond with friends and family. Watching movies at home on a couch can be boring, and the screen is often too small to make for an enjoyable experience. At an outdoor cinema, people can sit on blankets, bring their snacks and drinks (depending on the laws of the venue), and enjoy the natural ambiance and social interactions around them. Furthermore, many outdoor cinema events are free or have a minimal entry fee, which makes them affordable entertainment for families.

Moreover, outdoor movies promote social exchange among attendees and encourage cultural awareness by highlighting various experiences, viewpoints, and cultures worldwide. As a result, they can boost overall mental health and well-being. In addition, outdoor movies can also support the economy by bringing in local businesses to provide food and supplies for the event. 

Go Shopping

A trip to Jack London Square offers many ways to spend your day, and it’s a short walk from Fourth Street East Apartments. From a spot to grab your caffeine fix to an outfitter that can help you rent kayaks for the day, this waterfront destination has plenty of unique local businesses to discover. Kids love to rockhound, an easy outdoor activity that allows them to explore the natural world and build a connection with nature. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous way to get out and about or want to try something new, this outdoor hobby will surely entertain your family all year round.

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