Florida Man March 21 – Florida Man Gets the Hose

Florida Man March 21

Florida Man March 21 is another crazy day in the life of Florida Man. It has all the usual makings of a great Florida man tale, drugs, robbery, bull onesies, and an angry woman hosing someone down. If March 21 is your birthday, you do not want to miss the stories below.

Florida Man March 21, 2018 – Robbery and Attempted Arson Performed in a Bull Onesie

Two Florida men went to the house of an ex-lover, robbed and it, and then tried to burn it down.

WKMC-TV identified the Florida men as Derrick Irving, 36, and John Silva, 28. The pair allegedly broke into a man’s house and stole a flat-screen TV and an AC unit last on March 13, 2018, in DeLand, FLA.

The house owner stated to WKMC-TV, “it started as a relationship last week. I’ve let him use my car for four months. Maybe he’s angry about that. Or maybe he’s angry because I gave him 150 dollars to fix his teeth.”

Silva and Irving confirmed with the authorities that they knew the owner due to past sexual encounters.

Volusia County Sheriff’s said that the unnamed owner has access to his security camera on his phone. He found out he was being burglarized when a motion sensor detected that someone was inside his house.

He was sure that someone had covered the camera and urgently reported it to the police.

The owner informed WKMC-TV that one of the guys inside his house was wearing a bull onesie.

Police arrived at the house and saw a red SUV leaving the house. They pulled the SUV over and were able to question the suspects. 

The men stated that they were just picking some clothes from the house.

When the authorities checked the car, they found an air conditioning unit, vacuum, heater, television, a marijuana grinder, and an empty jar of Ragu sauce.

The house was checked, and a towel was found to covering the security camera.

Deputies confirmed an attempt to burn the house when they found a burning pot of Ragu sauce in the burner, WESH-TV said.

The victim reported that the suspects were trying to make it look like it was an accident of leaving a burning pot that caused the fire.

 Who get’s up at 2 o’clock in the morning to heat some Ragu sauce?

Unarmed burglary, grand theft, and arson are the charges that Silva and Irving will now be facing.

Florida Man March 21, 2021 – Florida Man Gets the Hose

While fishing, a Florida man was sprayed with a hose by a woman claiming that she owns the water in the port.

WPEC-V identified the victim and Florida man, Jose Ortiz. Ortiz said that he had been fishing regularly and never experienced any problem along A1A state road, south of Sebastian Bay. He claims to be public property.

But last week, when he was out in the same spot, a landlady identified as Joyce Khatibi was yelling at him, accusing him of trespassing because it is her property.

When Ortiz asked if Khatibi owns all water in the bay, she simply answered yes.

 She then pulled out a hose to spray Ortiz and send him away. She claims that she didn’t do it directly on him.

According to the investigation of the Indian River County Sheriff, after reviewing property records online and watching the video, they had to summon Ortiz to leave the property.

Ortiz has still decided to file a complaint against Khatibi.

Final Thoughts

The second story could be a little refreshing because it wasn’t a Florida man who sprayed the water onto somebody. But the first one? As expected. Check out other posts on Florida man if you enjoyed this article.

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