Simple Tips and Tricks to Baby Proof Your Home

baby proof your home

It is natural for a baby to explore and touch everything around them, allowing them to take in the world and what it has to offer. Rather than containing them and cutting away from their experience, it’s time to baby proof the house and let them go crazy!

Your little one can get into places you have never thought about in your wildest dreams, which is why you need to baby proof your home before they start crawling. Here is a quick guide to help you cover your bases in almost every room of your home.

The Kitchen

  • Secure the cleaning supplies and set them under a lock or move them to an upper cabinet.
  • Find every knob your child can reach now or might be able to reach in a few months and secure them using a knob lock.
  • When cooking, turn the pot’s handles and pans towards the wall. This way, your kid does not smash it using their hands or a toy.
  • It’s time to move your knives, scissors, and other pointed or sharp objects into a safe and unreachable space.
  • Replace your tablecloth with placemats. Making sure your kid does not accidentally pull down everything on the table.
  • Secure the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washer/dryer, and other appliances and down cabinets with a safety latch.

The Bathroom

  • Secure the toilet seat using a safety latch, making sure nothing gets thrown in the toilet.
  • Keep your appliances, medication, and other objects in a cabinet or put them on a shelf.

The Living Room

  • It’s time to mount loose pieces of movable furniture to the wall. One harmless push or pull should not be able to bring it down.
  • Kids do not consider stability when using something for support, so ensure everything on the ground or within reach is stable and sturdy.
  • Hang your bags, scarves, umbrellas, coats, and other things on hooks.
  • Secure every rug with non-ski materials, offering your little one a stable place to walk.
  • Every edge and corner should be secured using foam edges, and sockets should be covered using safety plugs.

All Over The House

  • Go over the house and cover every single electrical outlet using a safety plug.
  • Make sure there is no exposed wire on the floor or within reach.
  • Tie up blinds cords, so they are out of each, and ensure the windows are stable and secure.
  • Cushion every sharp edge and cover to ensure no accidental injuries occur.
  • Secure the top and bottom of the stairs using a baby gate.
  • Keep away any heavy, breakable, and sharp objects away from your little ones’ reach.

When you visit someone, keep in mind that their home will not be baby-proofed, and you must contain your child in space. You can do so by bringing along some toys that keep them busy for a while or keep an eye on them at all times.

Moreover, while baby-proofing your home adds a special layer of safety and security to your home, it does not mean you can leave your child unattended. When your child starts to crawl and walk, they will touch almost everything that they come in contact with. This is why it’s best to keep an eye on your child at all times and make sure you know what they are up to. Children are unaware of any danger that might come their way, which is why they need you to teach and protect them at all times.

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