Decorating Do’s and Don’ts for Painting a Fun Multicolor House

Color is in! You can add a lot or a little of color for a fun accent, but make sure you avoid these mistakes when designing your multicolor house.

Are you considering making a DIY color job on your home?

Everyone loves the rich, lovable personality a multi-colored exterior grants a house. Yet a multicolor house is a complicated project to tackle. Get it wrong, and you’ll have neighbors talking behind your back – not in a nice way!

This article teaches you the decorating dos and don’ts of painting a multi-colored house. Follow these tips, and you’ll put a smile on your neighbors’ faces – and your own!

The Do’s for Painting a Fun Multicolor House

Painting a multicolor house can be a creative and exciting project. Here are some “do’s” to consider when painting a fun multicolor house:

Plan and Visualize

This step is crucial. Take the time to research different color combinations, and even gather inspiration from magazines, websites, or even other houses you admire. Use tools like color visualization software to see how different colors will look on your specific house. 

Choose Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are a powerful tool in creating an eye-catching multicolor scheme. These pairs of colors, such as blue and orange or red and green, create a natural contrast that draws attention. For instance, you might paint the main body of the house one color and then use its complementary color for accents like doors and trim.

Test Samples

How home colors appear on a small paint chip might differ significantly from how they look on a large surface like your house’s exterior. Paint large swatches of each color you’re considering on different parts of the house, and observe how they change in various lighting conditions throughout the day. 

Consider Environment

Your house is part of a larger visual landscape, so consider neighboring houses, natural surroundings, and landscaping. While you want your house to stand out, it should also harmonize with its surroundings. 

To ensure your multicolor painting project perfectly complements the local ambiance, you might consider contacting these Woodstock painters who specialize in exterior color schemes and have a keen understanding of blending vibrant hues with the natural surroundings.

The Don’ts for Painting a Fun Multicolor House

Interior painting can be a creative and exciting project for your home. Still, you should keep some “don’ts” in mind to ensure that the result is visually appealing and harmonious. Here are some things to avoid:

Don’t Overwhelm with Too Many Colors

While the goal is a multicolor house, using too many colors can create a chaotic and overwhelming appearance. Stick to a manageable number of colors that work well together.

Don’t Ignore Permits and Regulations

Some neighborhoods or homeowner associations have rules about exterior colors. Ensure you know any regulations or permits you might need before starting the project.

Don’t Ignore the Neighborhood

Remember that your house is part of a larger community. Choosing colors that clash with or completely stand out from neighboring houses can negatively impact the visual harmony of the street.

Let Your Multicolor House Radiate Joy and Charm

Painting a multicolor house can be a fun and exciting process. You can ensure your house looks amazing by following some key dos and don’ts, like using complimentary colors, keeping the overall look balanced, and adding contrast through molding and accents.

So don’t be afraid to express your creativity and experiment with color- now is your chance to let your inner artist shine!

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