Robot Vacuums Vs. Traditional Vacuums, Which is Right For You?

robot vs traditional vacuum

Picking a vacuum is not always as easy as it sounds. There are so many small features to go through and find the one that works best for you. However, before we get in detail about which features to choose between, it’s time you make the first call; do you want a robot vacuum or a traditional vacuum?

While it might be hard to understand and differentiate between different features, we have a system that can help you find the right choice for you. Only by going through the fundamental differences between a traditional vacuum and a robot vacuum can one make the right decision.

Traditional Vacuums are Affordable

When compared to robot vacuums, traditional vacuums come with a lower price tag. Quick research can help you determine that even the most basic robot vacuums will cost you almost $200, for which you can easily get a high-end traditional vacuum.

Double Duty

Some robot vacuums offer you double the work in a single system. Meaning you can enjoy a good vacuuming along with the option to mop. Finally, a robot vacuum that understands all the features you need when cleaning different areas of your home—offering a more thorough cleaning process than before.

Robot Vacuums Lack Power

Regardless of how much money you drop, robot vacuums can never match the power of a traditional vacuum like a Riccar (if you are not familiar with this particular type of vacuum, you can learn more about the Riccar here). The issue with robot vacuums arises with their size. Their compact size cannot pack a powerful motor as the makers need to fix everything from the battery to the sucking power in a small compartment.

Scheduled Cleaning

One aspect robot vacuums have over traditional vacuums is that they can be set to clean at any time of your choice. Simply programming the robot vacuum enables you to get the work done even when you are away. However, with a traditional vacuum, you must take out the time and vacuum the space yourself.

Emptying Bins

When it comes to emptying the bin, both robot and traditional vacuums require some manual labor. No matter how much money you spend, if you choose a bagged vacuum or a bagless vacuum, you will be required to empty the vacuum yourself. How often you empty the vacuum bin depends on the bin’s size and how often you use the vacuum.

Set Speed

When compared to traditional vacuums, robot vacuums are slower in working. The advantage you have with a conventional vacuum is that you can quickly get around. A robot vacuum needs time to go around and cover every inch of your home on its own schedule. For instance, if you have guests coming over in 10 minutes, you can quickly vacuum the main areas. However, you will have to wait for it to make its way when you set up a robot vacuum.


After reading through the basic features both robot and traditional vacuums have to offer, you can easily assess the vacuum that works best for your home/apartment. Keep in mind that the only vacuum that is best for you is the one that matches your unique set of requirements. This is why you need to break away from “top lists” and research the features these vacuums have to offer—listing them down to match your personal preference. Please let us know which you prefer and why you prefer it in the comments below.

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