Happy Socially Distant B-Day! 8 Quarantine Birthday Ideas Your Child Won’t Hate


Celebrating your child’s birthday during social distancing or quarantine can be a challenge. Nevertheless, the right birthday party idea can help you make the best of your circumstances.

While you may have to adjust certain aspects of the celebration, you can still give your kid a day that they will remember forever. This article will provide eight quarantine birthday ideas for kids.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Most kids love scavenger hunts, so this makes a perfect celebration. You can send your child around the house or neighborhood on a quest for their presents. Ask friends who live nearby or neighbors to help out by hiding presents in their yards.

You may wish to create some clues that will make the scavenger hunt a little easier. If your child is young and can’t read yet, draw pictures instead of writing the hints.

2. Drive-By Parade

It can be hard to have a socially distanced party with guests, but one creative idea is a parade. Friends and family can drive by your house with balloons, decorated cars, and gifts. You can ask participants to throw confetti or honk their horns as they pass by.

Even if you aren’t able to spend much time with every guest, the gesture will surely be meaningful and memorable. Your child will still be able to wave to and greet all their biggest fans in person while staying safe.

3. Movie Party

Does your child love to watch movies? If so, they would likely enjoy watching their favorite movies along with their friends for their birthday. Some tools like Netflix Party allow you to join a video chat and watch a movie simultaneously.

Make popcorn and have plenty of your child’s favorite snacks spread out in the living room. You may even wish to make snacks based on the movie that you will watch. For example, if your child loves Star Wars, you can make Wookie Cookies.

To make the party even more interactive, add some movie trivia. You can base the questions off their favorite movies or just one trilogy. Give virtual prizes to those who answer correctly.

4. Virtual Game Night

Games are a fantastic way to get your child laughing and having fun. Although the choices are a bit limited due to social distancing, there are many virtual games that kids can play together. If you don’t have access to virtual games, opt for classics like UNO or Pictionary.

Older children would likely enjoy a tournament on their Xbox or Playstation. If you would like to make their birthday unique, you can allow them to play the whole day without time restrictions.

You can also make a cake or decorations based on their favorite video games. Children who love Minecraft would appreciate rice crispy treats that resemble grass blocks or creeper cheese pizza.

5. Have a Princess Party

If your child loves princesses, you can let them feel like one for the day. Let them dress up in a fancy gown and do their hair for the day. Then, watch Disney movies or sing karaoke together.

When it comes time for lunch, set the table with their favorite colored plates and utensils. Order or make a cake featuring their favorite princess. Or, you can also have virtual tea time with family and friends.

To make it extra special, arrange a birthday flower delivery for your little princess.

6. Zoom Party

Most children want to celebrate their birthday alongside their friends. While this isn’t possible during quarantine, you can arrange a virtual party with video conferencing software.

Your child can still laugh and have a good time with their friends. Plus, you will have less mess to clean up when the party is over.

You may wish to send birthday invitations with the login details, as well as party favors. To go the extra mile, add a theme such as superheroes, video games, or princesses. You can ask guests to dress up in costumes as well.

Even if you cannot decorate your home, you can add a background to your video call. Choose one that fits the theme of the party or make a customized one with online tools.

7. Order Food from Your Child’s Favorite Restaurant

Due to COVID restrictions, eating out can be a challenge. If your little one has a favorite restaurant that they haven’t been able to dine at for a while, let them order whatever they want and have it delivered.

You may wish to use a delivery service or go and pick it up if you are able. Your child will undoubtedly be pleased to choose the meal!

The delivery option is great for families who are feeling under the weather on their child’s birthday. There is minimal clean-up, so you can spend the rest of the day relaxing and watching your child’s favorite movies.

8. Camping-Out

Although most campgrounds are closed, you can have a camp-out right in your backyard. All you need is a tent, blankets, and some outdoor lights. If the weather permits, you can stay out all day and night.

If you live in a rural area or have a large backyard, why not make a campfire? Most children love roasting hot dogs, making smores, and telling stories. If your area regulations allow it, you can even invite some friends, as long as they space out their tents.

Making a Success Out of Your Quarantine Birthday Ideas

With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can give your child a fun quarantine birthday party. Soon, you will be back with your loved ones at every celebration. In the meantime, you can still have fun with these quarantine birthday ideas while staying safe!

Do you want more inspiration for quarantine birthday parties and events? Check out our other articles to learn how to make the most of 2021’s most significant milestones!

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