A Quick Guide to the Best Toys for Children

Would you like to know about the best toys for children? Read our quick guide to learn everything that you need to know on the subject.

Did you know toys aren’t only to preoccupy your child?

They’re also crucial for the learning and development of children at any stage. The best toys for children build their motor skills, creativity, critical thinking skills, language development, and more.

The best toys for kids are educational, too. Do you want a starting point? Keep on reading for a quick guide for the different types of toys.

Open-Ended Toys

Open-ended playthings are those with multiple uses in playing. They have no set purpose, and their only limit is their imagination. As such, they’re the best toys for children.

They encourage open-ended play. These toys for children grow with kids even as interests change.

Open-ended toys aren’t constrained to the current developmental milestone as most close-ended toys are. Here are some examples.


Lego is the gold standard of building type of kid’s toys for a reason. As enjoyable as they are, the blocks also help their early learning and development. Kids can exercise their imagination as much as they can.

Connecting the pieces of Lego requires coordination. Playing with them helps develop fine motor skills.

Children can play them alone or with friends. With playmates, they can learn teamwork and communication skills. 

The best thing about Lego is its versatility, meaning it’s perfect for any age. For developing toddlers, for example, Duplo has larger blocks. Even adults can join in the fun with the various sets.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. With various enjoyable sets, you can make playtime fun, educational, and relaxing.

Most sets come with various molds and shapers. Children can spend hours molding and destroying what they build.

The kinetic sand play offers a sensory experience for kids. Molding and digging are essential for social and emotional development. Even adults can play and find it relaxing.

Freckles Beanie Baby

Dolls are unisex while offering psychological benefits for children. Kids often use dolls to enact life experiences, encouraging imaginative play.

Dolls also help children understand themselves better. They can help kids develop empathy and learn some social skills.

Consider getting the Freckles Beanie Baby. Aside from being a collectible, it’s also cute and cuddle enough for any child.

Wooden Blocks

Who can forget about the classic wooden blocks? These are one of the best open-ended toys that can grow old with your child. For this reason, they survived generations upon generations.

The wooden blocks are simple enough to let imagination do all the work. Your children can build anything they want. 

Children also learn how to compare and match shapes. If they want to build something, they must know how to place the objects in a specific order.

Interactive Screens

You may have heard of the harmful effects of excessive screen time on children. However, young kids can still enjoy using a smartphone or tablet.

Kids younger than two years old can learn better from real-world experiences. Four to five-year-old children, on the other hand, can start learning through screens under strict supervision. 

The keyword is supervision – you have to keep watch of the things they consume. That said, here are some of the top toys for children that can get them started. 

Pinkfong Baby Shark Tablet

Is your child itching to get a gadget of their own? Hand them this Baby Shark tablet.

Unlike other devices, this tablet won’t delay your child’s development. On the contrary, it helps them learn their ABCs and 123s. They’ll love it since it has their favorite Baby Shark voice.

The tablet has buttons to push to make the experience more realistic. It has different modes, like spelling, words, and letters. It can even ask your child to identify objects, numbers, and alphabets through the “Where Is?” mode. 

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder

This toy has a small screen that can make your child preoccupied for hours. But, what makes it stand out is that it makes your child get on their feet and explore their surroundings.

Your child can collect more than 30 unique fairies in each jar with four levels of rarity. They can search in the bedroom, living room, and even outside.

The jar features some mini-games so children can take the fairies they caught on adventures. They can feed and hug these magical creatures on the screen, too. 

Physical Activities

It’s crucial to keep your children physically active, as well. Get toys that allow them to spend their energy and maintain their health.

Physical activities help strengthen their muscles, hearts, lungs, and bones. If you want to get them started on a healthy lifestyle, encourage active play through the toys below.

The Floor Is Lava Interactive Game

This toy is a cross between Twister, 4-square, and the traditional “the floor is lava” game. It consists of a spinner and a variety of colored squares. The player finds out where or where they can’t step on every round.

Your child’s balance, coordination, and flexibility improve with this interactive game. It’s a fun activity to play with adults, too. Setting it outdoors can result in a memorable family bonding experience.

Vehicles for Kids

Does your child want to hit the road? Give them a vehicle of their own – battery-powered cars, a tricycle, or a scooter.

Any of these helps a child improve their motor skills. It requires hand-eye coordination. At the same time, it trains their brains to be more aware of their surroundings.

Close supervision is a must, but riding vehicles can instill independence and confidence. After all, your child is the one who drives and makes decisions.

Get the Best Toys for Children Now

The best toys for children are fun and vital for healthy development. From dolls to building blocks, toys serve a critical purpose. However, be careful of your choices to ensure nothing can harm their learning.

Did you find this guide helpful? To learn more, feel free to read more guides today.

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