What You need To Know About Marriage Counseling

What You need To Know About Marriage Counseling

Sometimes, people in marriages and other types of romantic relationships experience issues that require third-party assistance. Many couples opt for counseling. Here’s what you need to know about marriage counseling.

1. There Are Many Reasons To Go

People tend to think of marriage counseling as something you do as a last resort to avoid separation, but couples may seek couples marriage counseling for a variety of reasons. Some people indeed go to marriage counseling to salvage their relationships. However, people also go to counseling because of addiction, communication issues, problems with trust and emotional or physical intimacy, or positive or negative life changes.

2. You May Need To Shop Around

To start looking for a counselor, check for in-network providers in your area or with the American Psychological Association. Finding a counselor is different for everyone. Some people can find a good fit on the first try, while others may need to cycle through at least two counselors before finding someone they’re comfortable with. Give yourself a few sessions to get to know a new counselor before deciding whether or not to continue seeing their partner. 

3. It Can Be a Difficult Decision

Deciding to attend couples counseling can be even more difficult than deciding to seek counseling as an individual because two people are involved in the decision. Sometimes, one partner wants to go and the other is resistant. The most common reasons for resistance are being new to therapy, not thinking it’s necessary, or worrying about change. Depending on the basis, you can go to individual counseling or explain how therapy can help you strengthen or improve your relationship.

Counseling is only for some. Even if you have experience with individual counseling, you may find couples counseling different from what you’re used to. However, counseling can help many people improve and strengthen their relationships.

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