Goodbye to Graffiti – The Benefits of Hiring a Removal Service

Say Goodbye to Graffiti - The Benefits of Hiring a Removal Service

While some people consider graffiti art, others find it a significant eyesore. Many trying to pass an ordinance to get rid of it completely.

Graffiti can appear virtually anywhere but is especially common in schools and arenas. Study carrels, restroom stall doors, and elevator walls are favorite targets. Ordinary cleaners and disinfectants often remove pencil or pen graffiti, but citrus-based products work well on ink.

Save Money

The cost of graffiti removal depends on the surface type and how much is covered. Most cleaning companies charge a minimum of 2 hours of work. This includes cleanup and disposal of all the waste.

Company Graffiti Removal Services found this inspiration for the business after an afternoon of community service stripping graffiti off buildings and poles. He wanted to start a franchise to provide towns and cities with a quick and affordable solution.

Many removal products are chemical based and use steam, solvents, or alkaline solutions to dissolve the paint, marker, or ink. These chemicals can be harmful to historic features and may cause chemical burns.

Conducting test patches before committing to full-scale removal techniques is essential. The test patch should be in an inconspicuous area and have several observers rate the performance of the product or process. Using a low VOC or water-based paint on historical features is also a good idea, as these will resist future attacks better than a standard flat finish.

Save Time

Whether you consider graffiti art or just plain vandalism, it can cause quite a headache when it’s on your property. Luckily, there are ways to remove it quickly and easily, like hiring a removal service.

A removal company will have a vehicle of various capacities to fit many items in one visit. This helps avoid multiple trips and saves you money on fuel costs. Plus, they will also have the proper equipment and chemicals to remove graffiti without causing any damage to your items.

Graffiti can be everywhere, including schools, arenas, and parks. It can even appear in quiet Class A offices. However, it’s not always easy to clean up, especially with abrasive materials. Often, these materials can leave behind shadowing or scratch marks on the surface after removal. Other characters need special care, like new paint or timber. One solution uses nanotechnology to create a coating that’s easier to clean than the hybrid inks used by graffiti taggers. 

Clean Up Afterward

Graffiti can be offensive, ugly, and detract from the appearance of your building or home. While some people see it as art, most view it as vandalism and an eyesore. It can also turn away customers, potential residents, and tenants.

Regardless of whether you think it’s art, it’s still vandalism and should be removed quickly. Keeping it up for too long will only encourage more graffiti. Removing it fast helps to prevent future incidents.

Several ways to help stop graffiti include changing lighting and adding protective coatings. Some anti-graffiti products are paint-on coatings that can be applied to concrete, brick, timber, painted surfaces, and even metal. These coatings can be easily cleaned and prevent re-graffiti, making them an excellent choice for residential and commercial properties. The layers resist UV and moisture and provide a long-lasting, high-performance finish.

Avoid Damage

Vandalism isn’t just unsightly but can also cause structural damage to a building. This can be due to using abrasive cleaning solutions, which roughen up surfaces, or the removal process itself. This can lead to etching and staining, especially on stone walls. The right cleaning products can clean up graffiti without causing damage. Always test a small area before applying any product to valuable surfaces.

Removing graffiti promptly will deter future vandalism. The longer it is on a wall, the more visible it will be, and the more likely someone will want to add their name.

Restricting access is another way to avoid graffiti. This can be done with various barriers, from dense plantings like hedges and ivy to more conventional fences and gates. This will make it more difficult for graffitists to reach the surface they are targeting and may turn them away from a property altogether.

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