What Are Night Terrors? How to Help Your Child

For any child, experiencing night terrors is an unfortunate occurrence. Understand how you as a parent can assist in this matter now with this guide.

Did you know night terrors affect over 6% of children

So, what is a night terror? A child will have a night terror and appear to be awake but not aware of their surroundings.  

They are usually screaming, thrashing, and sometimes even chewing on anything they can get their teeth into. It is pretty scary for anyone to witness, let alone the child that is having one.  

If you are wondering how to help your child stop night terrors, this post will help you out. 

Stay Calm 

To stop night terrors, try not to panic or yell at your child. You don’t want them to think that you’re going to hurt them, which could make the situation worse.  

Instead, try talking calmly and reassuringly to them while they are having an episode. This will help them know they are safe, and that you’re there to help them. Try not to touch them during an episode as well, unless they are in danger of hurting themselves or someone else. 

If you have other children in the house, it is best not to wake them up unless necessary. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary stress on everyone involved. 

Make Sure They’re Comfortable 

Children’s night terrors happen when the child is lying on their back or sides in bed. If this is happening with your child, try changing their position so that they’re on their tummies or sitting up against something soft, like pillows or cushions.  

This will allow them to breathe better because it’s easier for them not to get overheated when lying on their stomachs than it is if they’re on their backs.  

You may also want to try putting a fan in the room so that it blows cool air over your child’s body. This will help them stay cool and prevent them from getting too hot while they sleep. 

Set a Consistent Bedtime Routine 

This helps relax your child so he’ll fall asleep more easily later. It also helps him learn to fall asleep on his own if you’re away from home overnight or if you have to go back to work after time off because of illness or family emergency.  

Some examples of a bedtime routine include reading a story, singing a song, or saying prayers together. If your child has trouble going to sleep on his own, try using a nightlight and turning off the overhead light in his room. This will create a more soothing environment for him. 

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Night Terrors: Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep 

Understanding night terrors can help parents better deal with these frightful sleep disturbances. Although frustrating, night terrors are typically harmless and do not cause any lasting mental or physical damage.  

Talk to your child’s doctor about night terrors if you think your child is experiencing them regularly. He or she may recommend a therapy that could help relieve the symptoms and reduce their frequency. 

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