The Top Three Unhappy Marriage Signs to Know

Are you unhappy in your marriage, but unsure if what you're feeling is valid? Here are the top ten signs that you may be in an unhappy marriage.

Are you wondering if your marriage is at risk? It’s normal for relationships to go through rough patches, and depending on each unique situation, an unhappy marriage can be fixed if both partners are willing to try.

If you’re wondering what unhappy marriage signs you should look out for, keep reading. 70% of couples get positive results after getting counseling from a licensed couples therapist. If you are noticing these signs in your marriage, it may be time to get help from a marriage counselor.

1. You Are No Longer Having Sex

Intimacy is something that separates your relationship with your partner from other relationships in your life. One of the top unhappy marriage signs is that you and your partner have stopped having sex. Sex is an incredibly important part of a healthy relationship, and a lack of this intimacy can be pointing to other issues within your marriage.

Additionally, if you are having a lack of physical touch, such as kissing, hugging, or cuddling, this could also be pointing to a lack of intimacy and an unhappy marriage.

There are many ways to reignite the spark, from simply talking to a sex therapist or trying out some pheromones from True Pheromones. Whatever you choose to help the most important thing is being proactive and not expecting the problem to sort itself out

2. You’ve Stopped Fighting

While you may think that fighting would be a negative relationship trait, it is actually a very normal and healthy one. Working with your partner to address and work through issues when they arise is a must for strong communication. For this reason, if you and your partner have stopped fighting, this may be a sign of an issue within your marriage.

This may indicate that you or your partner have given up, and it may feel like you are growing further and further apart. This can lead to feelings of resentment caused by unresolved conflict. However, working to address the issues within your marriage by seeking outside help from a professional may help you begin to talk things out again.

3. You No Longer Spend Quality Time Together

Quality time with your partner is a must to keep a happy relationship going. If you find that you and your partner no longer have an interest in making quality time for each other, this is an indication of a bigger problem. If you would rather be alone than with your partner, this brings to question the purpose of your marriage in the first place.

Getting time apart from one another is healthy. It’s when a couple would rather be apart from one another than together that the issue becomes more concerning.

You may also notice that although you and your spouse are physically in the same space, you are still doing separate activities and not engaging in quality time together. Keeping date nights in rotation and working to spend more quality time with your partner can help to ensure closeness.

Unhappy Marriage Signs to Look Out For

While unhappy marriage signs may look different for each unique couple, if you are experiencing any of the issues above, it may be time to consider getting professional assistance such as marriage counseling. Marriages can often go through rough patches and are not always easy. See if you can work on your marital issues with an outside opinion and earnest effort from both parties.

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