The child’s jealousy of the new baby, how to cope with it

The child's jealousy of the new baby, how to cope with it

Children may express negative feelings when you introduce a new baby into the family. Negative emotions are natural as they try to vent their frustrations about the new baby taking their place in the family. As a parent, you should have a one on one time with them to ensure that the child bonds with the new baby. You can create a play area in the garden or organise a merry picnic for them. Involve the child in the new baby’s daily activities and the emotions will be over in some months. Here are unique ways in which you can cope with the older child’s jealousy, read on.

Let the Older Child Help in Dressing the New Baby

Involving the older child is a beautiful hack to consider. Let the child help choose and name baby girl clothes for the new baby. You can give the child tasks depending on their age; they can help fold the baby’s light clothes or even help them put on socks or remove shoes or hats. It will make the older child get familiar with the new baby. These activities encourage bonding and familiarity with the new baby.

Make the Child Feel Special

You must also consider the older child when buying gifts like clothes for your new baby. Buy those clothes and shoes of similar colour and design. You can also use kind and encouraging words on the child whenever they help with tasks such as putting the baby’s clothes away. The feeling gives the child a sense of achievement.

Go Shopping with the Older Child

Involving your older child in shopping for baby girl clothes will make her less jealous. Let her choose clothes for the new baby according to her fashion and favourite colours. If you are buying dolls for the new baby, let the older child play with them before you handle them for the new baby. It would be nice to purchase similar items if finances allow.

Dress the Child and the New Baby in Similar Outfits

Similar outfits help resolve their differences even as they grow older. The older child will not be in any competition with the new baby and the jealousy reduces. Similar outfits, including hair, shoes and clothes, make them feel equally loved. Figuring out solutions rather than waiting for the child to complain is the best way to deal with a child. It will create a bigger and better bond.

Look through Old Baby Pictures with Them

Sharing these beautiful memories with the child makes them happy. They will remember that they too, had all the same attention and care the new baby is receiving. Reuse most old baby items to make her feel that the new baby is part of the family. Dress the new baby in similar outfits that the older child has outgrown and see how her face glows with excitement. You can take a picture of the new baby, pair it with the child’s image, and see how amazing it looks.

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