Quenching Your Thirst: 5 Tips for Drinking More Water

It sometimes seems like we go out of our way to drink everything except the clear stuff. Let's change that. Here are great tips for drinking more water.

Sometimes we go out of our way to drink everything except water. With around 75% of Americans staying dehydrated, we may need some tips for drinking more water! Dehydration results in more hospital admissions each year. 

Most of us know the benefits of drinking water. Some of us opt for other beverages that don’t nourish our bodies. Keep reading to get five tips for drinking more water.

1. Tasty Tips for Drinking More Water

One of the best tips for drinking more water is to get a bit of taste into it. Water drinking does not have to be a boring event! Adding flavors gives you a refreshing treat.

You can add some lemon or lime juice to give it some zest. If you don’t care for citrus fruits, add whatever you enjoy. You can mix it up and get creative with it. 

2. Drink More Water With an App

Some people learn about how to drink more water by getting an app that tracks the amount. It can give you something to get excited about because of the accomplishment at the end. 

Apps work well to remind you to drink more water. You can set them for specific times so that you don’t forget. 

3. Enjoy Water From Home

When some people look for tips to drink more water, they may not want the fancy water from the store. Those can get expensive, and if you try to drink more water, that may not work for your budget. 

Reaping the benefits of drinking water gets easy when you have a water filter. These get installed in your refrigerator and last for months. At Discount Filters, you can find the one to fit your appliance style. 

4. Personalized Water Drinking

One of the fun tips for drinking more water is to get a reusable bottle. You can look for designs and colors you like. It can reflect your style and give you a boost when trying to drink water. 

You can take your bottle with you everywhere. It helps you drink more water because it stays accessible. It also makes it easy to wash the bottle for another use and not waste plastic.

5. One Sip at a Time

The complaint some people have when they drink more water is that it keeps them running to the bathroom. That can result from people drinking large quantities at one sitting. You do not need to guzzle an entire bottle of water at a fast pace. 

Sip on the water throughout the day. Drink a little before and during meals. The goal is to remain hydrated all day.

Consistency Keeps You Hydrated

If you want to get the best tips for drinking more water, they will all revolve around consistency. It takes time to develop healthy lifestyle habits, but every positive step counts. Find what works for you and make it part of your routine.

We all know how crucial it is to drink water. With these five tips, you will have fun and creative ways to drink more water. Check out our other articles for more health and lifestyle content!

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