Plant-Based vs. Vegan: The Differences

When looking at plant-based vs vegan lifestyles, consider what's involved, from food to other products. Click to learn how these diets compare!

Did you know that roughly 600,000 deaths each year are because of unhealthy diets? This figure is only in America alone. Today, obesity rates and heart diseases continue to rise in our country.

Eating a healthy diet is essential in maintaining a healthy body. That’s why many are switching to a plant-based diet or a vegan diet.

You might wonder, are plant-based and vegan the same? At first glance, they may sound the same, but they’re not!

Do you want to know the difference between these two diets? Read this article and learn the difference between a plant-based vs vegan diet.

What Is Vegan?

Veganism came in 1944, created by an English animal rights activist, Donald Watson. He advocated for not using any animal products because it is unethical.

As a vegan, you should not eat products like eggs and honey. They don’t allow anything that comes from animals. This restriction includes leather and fur products.

You might think that a vegan diet has many food limitations. Today, there are many options for vegan products that you can consume. A vegan product is anything that is cruelty-free and not made from animals.

What Is Plant-Based?

Plant-based diets don’t cut out animal products. This diet aims to incorporate more plants into your meals. Most plant-based diets include whole grains, nuts, legumes, and other fresh produce.

If you plan to do this diet, you can still consume animal products. However, they should not be the main dish in your meals.

This diet ensures that you can have a balanced meal. Also, plant based proteins can be an addition to your diet.

One variety of a plant-based diet is the whole-foods plant-based diet. In this diet, you focus on eating whole or unprocessed food.

Processed food is anything that undergoes a mechanical or chemical change. It may also involve food that has preservatives and even sugar and flour.

Plant-Based vs Vegan

Here are some similarities between plant-based vs vegan. One is that it utilizes plants as its main course. They both allow you to eat anything that is from the ground.

They also both offer almost the same nutritional values. Plants and vegetables have a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Because they are rich in fiber, this diet can promote good digestion and a healthier gut. Doing these diets can lower your risk of getting diabetes and heart diseases.

But how are plant-based diets and vegan diets different? Well, the main difference is the consumption of animal products. A vegan lifestyle prohibits any use of animal products in their daily life. A plant-based product may include animal products.

Besides, some vegan products are not suitable for plant-based diets. For example, a jam may be vegan but not plant-based.

The Differences Between Plant-Based vs Vegan

Plant-based vs vegan, whatever you choose, both can be beneficial to your health. Eating a healthy meal is vital in today’s society. It keeps our immune system strong and protects us against threats like viruses.

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