How to Stay Sober After a Rehab Stay

Sometimes what comes after rehab is the hardest part of your recovery journey. Here is a quick guide on how to stay sober after rehab.

Did you know that a SAMHSA 2019 survey found that only around 61% of rehab facilities assist patients with finding housing following their discharge? Furthermore, only about 22% offer recovery coaching services.

While there are plenty of great treatment centers out there, they don’t always equip patients with the tools to stay sober. Without the right info or help, patients can quickly relapse.

Patients must learn that they can overcome their drug addiction by taking the right steps. But what are the right steps exactly? And are they the same for everyone?

We’re here to fill you in. If you or your loved one are battling addiction, keep reading below to learn how to stay sober after being discharged from rehab.

Find Sober-Friendly Lodging

There’s a reason doctors advise people to not work or spend leisure time in their beds. It’s because the brain begins connecting their bed with those activities rather than sleep, which makes it more difficult to actually sleep at night.

The same can be said about returning to your own home after inpatient rehabilitation. While the familiarity may be nice at first, there are often more triggers that will enable a relapse.

Sober living apartments and homes give you a fresh space to practice skills you learned in rehab. Recovery supportive housing also gives you the chance to live with others who are recovering in a substance-free living environment. Many sober living homes and facilities offer counseling and work in conjunction with outpatient rehab programs.

Create New Goals

Addiction limits people from achieving their goals and enjoying the little things in life. This is your chance to create new goals and aspirations.

What was your addiction holding you back from? Identify your sober passions and run with them!

If you’re not sure where to turn, take up a new hobby. Sometimes all we need is something fresh to remind us of what we love and what we want to achieve in our lives.

Build a Support System

As aforementioned, sober living homes often give you the chance to live with others who are recovering too. This is important, as it gives you the motivation to work towards your goals together and creates a sense of accountability.

It’s important to have friends and family to support you as well. You are going through a challenging process, and it’s good to have a close circle who will recognize signs of an oncoming relapse and who will be there for you if you hit a rough patch and need extra support.

Of course, it’s also important to find a counselor and external support group to work with. Having professionals who fully understand substance abuse and drug addiction is crucial when learning how to stay sober. While friends and family are great for emotional support, professionals can help you with more logistical support.  

Discover How to Safely Stay Sober

Our goal at Healthy Child is to give you the info you need to create a positive and safe home for your child. Sometimes that means taking care of your own health first before you’re ready to care for your child full-time. With the info above, you can take the steps you need to stay sober for the benefit of yourself and your family.

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