Must-Have Pregnancy Accessories

Must-Have Pregnancy Accessories

During pregnancy, you’ll experience a lot of physical and mental strain. Fortunately, you can purchase some essential items to help alleviate the discomfort.

Maternity underwear is a must-have during this time as they’re designed to provide extra support for the belly and are comfortable enough to wear all night long.

Belly Extender

The Belly Extender, a belly band or pants extender, helps you wear your favorite jeans and pants longer. It connects the button and buttonhole to help them stay up and provides an extra inch or two of coverage around your waist.

Many women find the best time to get a belly band is in the first trimester when they’re still wearing regular pants or jeans. This is a great way to save money on maternity clothes and make your existing wardrobe work for you.

Pregnancy bands, belts, and wraps like the one in Cradle Me Baby can be helpful to relieve back pain during pregnancy or after childbirth, as they support your bump. They can also help prevent the separation of your abdominal muscles.

Maternity Pants

Once you start pregnant, it is important to make sure that you purchase maternity pants that will keep you comfortable. The best maternity pants will be made from cotton, linen, and velvet fabrics.

These materials are very soft and will not irritate your skin or cause any rashes. They also wick away moisture and will keep you cool and dry.

You can find a lot of different types of maternity pants in the market. These include full-panel pants and pants with side panels.

Maternity Bra

As your body prepares to give birth, you must have the right maternity bra to support your growing baby and changing body. Breast tissue can increase up to 35 percent during pregnancy, making it essential to wear a bra that fits well and doesn’t pinch.

Maternity/nursing bras are specifically designed to keep you comfortable and supported throughout the whole pregnancy process. They also come in handy when breastfeeding, preventing leakage and helping to make it easier for you to feed your little one.

The best maternity bras are soft and stretchy yet provide adequate support. You can even find some that are made from spandex, which is lightweight and breathable.

Maternity Jacket

A good maternity jacket will keep you warm and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. They’re often A-line shaped to allow for your growing bump.

Maternity coats come in various styles, including puffers and parkas. Some are even multi-functional.

Jacket Extender

When winter hits, moms-to-be often find themselves in a pickle because their favorite coat is too large to fit around their growing bump. They also want to invest in something other than a new maternity coat that will become outdated in a few months.

Thankfully, jacket extenders are available to solve this problem. They insert panels that can be added to your existing winter jacket or coat to make it larger for your growing belly so that you can wear it throughout pregnancy and into the baby’s first few months.

The unique design slides over and secures onto most brands or sizes of zips, making it easy to switch between different-length jackets. You can even use it on its own during early pregnancy or postpartum, where just a few extra inches are needed. Plastic snaps allow you to adjust the width of the extender, and an optional snap-on fleece panel can be removed for milder days.

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