How to Improve Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

The development of fine motor skills in children enables them to do activities like grasping and writing. Here's how to improve your child's motor skills.

Are you the proud parent of a beautiful and young growing child?

Few things are more rewarding than watching your kid grow. It can be heartwrenching for a parent or guardian to watch them struggle, stumble, and fall. While it’s all part of growing up, there’s no harm in giving your kid a little help along the way.

A great example of this would be developing your child’s fine motor skills. Fine motor skills refer to the engagement of small muscles in your toes, wrists, hands, and fingers. This can affect your child’s ability to hold a pencil and tie their shoes.

Want to know how to improve fine more skills in kids? Read to discover some fun kids’ activities to improve fine motor skills.

Playing With Play Dough

One of the best activities for fine motor skills development is playing with putty. Things like play-dough are great subjects for a sensory diet. Allowing your child to experiment can help develop their creativity.

In addition, it’s a great way to improve a child’s fine motor skills. Squeezing, rolling, pinching, and stretching putty engages the small muscles in their hands. Your child can make anything as simple as a worm or a small house made of putty.

Complete Puzzles Together

Completing puzzles is a great bonding activity as well as a sensory exercise. Your child might get frustrated fitting the pieces together, but it’s all worth it when you complete the final image. Start with easy puzzles and ensure not to let your child put the pieces in their mouth.

This is a great way to develop a child’s ability to do a pincer grasp. Doing puzzles also allows you to help your child improve hand-eye coordination.

Engage In Fine Arts

There are plenty of benefits of kids playing outside. However, that shouldn’t stop you from teaching them things inside the house. With the recent pandemic, more parents have been reluctant to let their children go out.

So, what better way to break the bounds of your home than with imagination? Cultivate your kid’s creativity by letting them draw, color, and paint. This is a great way to practice holding a pencil for when they start writing.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Scissors

Giving your child their first pair of scissors can be a daunting task. Scissors are a big no-go for many parents. However, with proper guidance, letting your child use scissors can be a great learning experience.

To prevent accidents, ensure you give your child the appropriate kids’ scissors. There are even blunt scissors that you can give your child to cut play-dough.

Building With Lego

Stacking and building lego structures is a great way to foster fine motor skills. This activity will help your child strengthen their hand muscles. It also improves coordination and fine pulling and pushing movements.

Fine Motor Skills Activities For Kids

Here are some great activities to help your child develop their fine motor skills. Kids can grow up fast, but that doesn’t mean they don’t struggle. Give your child a headstart and try one of these activities today!

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