4 Tell-Tale Signs She’s Cheating on You

Cheating can't be hidden forever. It seeps through and shows its ugly face. Read on to discover the obvious signs she's cheating on you here.

Getting cheated on is an unfortunate life betrayal that happens often. Studies show that 13% of married women have cheated on their husbands. 

Infidelity leaves painful emotional scars that can take years to heal. The sooner you find out they’re cheating, the quicker you can begin the healing process. We can help you pinpoint the first signs of cheating so you can act accordingly. 

Read on to learn signs she’s cheating on you.

1. She Gets Protective of Her Phone

If your lover is cheating, the proof or clues you need will be on their phone. This is one of the more tried and true signs of infidelity in a woman today since the world is so tech-centric. 

People today do everything on their phones, from research to audio and video entertainment to intimate time. 

While they’re likely to cover their tracks, the average person would be hard-pressed to not slip up. 

There are plenty of apps you can secretly install on their phone to get the evidence that you need. About 10% of people who suspect a cheating partner install keyloggers or other spy tools on their phones. 

This helps to find signs she’s cheating over text, so you have indisputable proof in the likely event that she denies the affair. 

You might also look into a voice-activated recorder (VAR). These recorders save time and battery by only recording when a person is speaking. Install these in your wife or girlfriend’s car, in the bedroom, and anywhere else they use their phone. 

This combination of equipment will help you catch a cheating lover most of the time. Figure out what sort of resource you need to install to get the best results. 

2. You Notice a “Work Husband” or Special New Relationship

If you hear the word “work husband” out of your girlfriend or wife’s mouth, or worse, those of her friends or co-workers — you should probably hit the panic button. 

The work husband is the guy at the office that she confides in, jokes with, eats lunch with, and more. They’ve become especially close and usually have a routine of spending time together. 

These relationships are sometimes harmless, but where there’s emotion, there’s always the potential for an emotional affair, at a minimum. Since there are few guaranteed signs of cheating, it’s important to use your intuition and keep your eyes open. 

3. You’re Getting Into More Fights That Don’t Make Sense

More arguments can also be a sign that something is off — particularly if the arguments don’t make any sense. 

Your partner is likely to get testy and less patient when they’re walking around with a guilty conscience. They’re constantly having to play different roles, cover their tracks, remember their lies, and live with conflicting personalities. 

When this wears thin or gets frustrating, it’ll often turn into more conflict. 

4. She’s Making Changes to Her Appearance or Lifestyle

Finally, be mindful if there are sudden changes to looks or lifestyle. 

Maybe she’s wearing makeup uncharacteristically or is spending more time in the mirror. Your antenna should particularly go up if your wife or girlfriend makes changes to her hair since this is a source of importance for most women. 

People tend to become more appearance conscience when they’re going through new crush mode with another person. 

You might also notice them taking part in new and different activities. Be especially wary if they’re participating in activities they previously swore they hated. 

Recognize the Signs She’s Cheating on You

Understanding these signs, she’s cheating on you will help you make the right decision when the time comes. Knowing these signs will give you the starting point that you need to take the next steps. 

Since there are several other uncommon signs of cheating, it’s important that you control what you can control by using the information above. 

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