How Air Filters Can Help Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy

How Air Filters Can Help Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy

Our homes are our safe spaces as it protects us from the outdoors. However, what if I was to tell you that your home may not be the safest or healthiest place for you? This has nothing to do with security. The answer is that without clean air, you and your family breathe in toxins and pollutants. Nonetheless, you can improve it, and it’s simple!

Reduce Infection

Especially since Covid-19, we are all being more careful with viruses. Air filters with a MERV of eight or higher are the best air filters for your entire house, as they keep your air clean and healthy. However, a MERV 13 could reduce viruses, according to the EPA. 


If you or a family member suffers from allergies to either pollen or dust, the right air filter helps reduce the irritants. The air filter collects the particles and removes them from the air we breathe. The filter then provides fresh, clean air. It’s a worthy investment when you notice reduced symptoms.  


Similar to allergies, asthma flares up when the air is heavy and unclean. Even if you have your cleaning routine up to scratch, you might still find yourself or a family member suffering from symptoms worse than usual. It’s always best to check with a doctor. However, having the correct filter ensures the irritant is not coming from the air in your home. 

Improved Sleep

Poor sleep leads to being unproductive, mood, and stress. This is especially true when you have a heavy day, and you can’t get the work done. You might want to try limiting caffeine at night, having a relaxing bath, etc. Although, it might be investigating into your air filter as the allergens and the unclean air could be keeping you up at night. 

Improved Smell

We all know that certain smells, such as frying fish take a long time to clear. Nevertheless, you may be smelling an odor that doesn’t seem to be leaving, and you’re left with a foul smell in the home. The correct air filter could drastically improve the smell in the home.

Dust Control

Sometimes you feel like you’re forever dusting your home, and there’s no end to it. Especially if you own a pet, their dander and skin cells are everywhere. Breathing in too much dust might irritate the eyes. Additionally, it may cause sneezing and or a scratchy throat. Installing an air filter could help reduce the level of dust in your home and how much of the pollutants your family is breathing in.

Final Thoughts

People believe changing air filters is costly. However, in the long run they aren’t. This is because not changing them often enough might be detrimental to health. In addition, it may become expensive when the HVAC starts to have issues. Air filters can improve indoor air quality, including allergens, toxins, and other pollutants. Then you and your family may enjoy a healthy and safe home.

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