What Jobs Can You Do With A Reflexology Qualification in 2023?

What Jobs Can You Do With A Reflexology Qualification in 2023?

A Quick Overview

Have you always wanted to heal with your hands? Or have you simply been looking for a career change that allows you to help people in a more physical sense?

Have you considered working or training in reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternative medicine that involves a trained professional applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, or ears in order to stimulate specific areas of the body. Reflexologists believe that these areas correspond to different organs and systems in the body and that applying pressure to them can help to promote healing and balance. Great!

However, you may be thinking, what can you do with a qualification in reflexology in the real world? Is there a demand for it? Read on to learn more about career options in this area of holistic healthcare.

Become a Reflexology Practitioner

The first and most obvious career path for someone who got their reflexology certification online is to become a reflexology practitioner. As a practitioner, you would work with clients to help them achieve a range of health and wellness goals. This could include reducing stress, improving circulation, relieving pain, and more. If you have a car, you can set up as a remote reflexology practitioner, which will allow you to perform this role in people’s homes.

Start Your Own Business

Following that, many reflexologists choose to start their own centers to work for themselves and employ other reflexologists. This can be a great option if you enjoy being your own boss and have a robust entrepreneurial spirit. With a reflexology qualification, you could set up your own reflexology practice and build a loyal client base over time.

Work In a Spa Or Wellness Center

Another option for reflexologists is to work in a spa or wellness center. Many resorts and wellness centers offer reflexology services to their clients, and having a reflexology qualification can make you an appealing candidate for these types of jobs. You could work alongside other health and wellness professionals, such as massage therapists and aestheticians, to provide a full range of services to clients. Also, that’s going to be one very relaxing setting to work in!

Teach Reflexology

If you’re passionate about reflexology and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, you could consider teaching reflexology. With a reflexology qualification, you could teach classes at a massage school, community college, or other educational institution. You could also offer workshops and seminars to the general public. Or, why not set up your own reflexology website, and teach people via vlogs, articles, and online seminars?

Work In Healthcare

In the world of medicine, there is always a call for holistic therapies to help people who may be experiencing conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders, all of which can be very uncomfortable. Reflexology is becoming increasingly recognized as a complementary therapy in healthcare settings in the USA, the UK, and most of Europe, so there will likely be a lot of job openings!

As a reflexologist with a qualification, you could work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to help patients manage a variety of conditions. You might work alongside other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and physical therapists, to provide a holistic approach to patient care.

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