Does Beer Help With Breastfeeding? Or Does It Detract From It?

Some mothers want to go back to drinking even while breastfeeding. Does beer help with breastfeeding or detract from it? Find out here.

New mothers these days have more options than ever before. From breastfeeding to formula, there’s an option for every Mom. And now, there’s also beer.

More and more women are giving birth and having a cold beer afterward. And why shouldn’t they have it? They’ve earned it!

But is drinking beer while breastfeeding okay? Does beer help with breastfeeding?

Well, we’re here to clear that up for you. Read on to find out if you can drink while breastfeeding.

Is Beer Safe for Breastfeeding Moms?

The question of whether beer is safe for breastfeeding moms is a complicated one. On the one hand, research suggests beer can help breastfeeding moms boost their milk production.

But beers contain alcohol, which hurts breastfeeding mothers and infants. It can decrease the quantity of pump milk produced, making it less nourishing. Drinking beer while breastfeeding should be based on individual preference and done in moderation.

While it may contribute to a mother’s milk production, any potential benefits should be weighed against the risks. Ensure that the infant is not exposed to excessive alcohol in breast milk.

Can Beer Help Increase Milk Supply?

Studies have found that in some cases, alcoholic beverages such as beer can help increase milk supply – by stimulating prolactin, a hormone critical to milk production – but at the end of the day, this effect could be offset by any potential impacts of alcohol on the baby.

In addition, the long-term effects of chronic alcohol consumption on a woman’s ability to produce adequate breast milk are unknown. As such, caution should be taken when drinking beer while breastfeeding.

It is beneficial to speak to a healthcare provider to ensure that both breastfeeding and fetal health are not adversely impacted by beer consumption.

The Effects of Beer on Breastfeeding

It depends on the amount consumed and how it is finished. Beer boosts prolactin, the hormone responsible for milk production, though too much beer can also decrease milk supply or create a bitter taste in breast milk.

Beer may also help regulate breast milk supply for moms with oversupply issues. More research is needed to understand the full effects of moderate drinking on milk production and composition.

Beer also has sedative characteristics, which can help some new moms relax, making breastfeeding easier. Ultimately, moms must do their research and drink only in moderation if choosing to drink while breastfeeding.

Alternatives to Drinking Beer

Alternatives must be considered for nursing mothers who want to enjoy a cold one. Low- or non-alcoholic beer can be consumed, as these contain very little alcohol. Another option is enjoying a beer-flavored soda, which has no alcohol.

There are also several non-alcoholic beer alternatives, such as kombucha, specially designed to be enjoyed without alcohol. Whatever an individual chooses, it is important not to overindulge and avoid drinking more than one or two drinks. This can significantly reduce milk production.

If you are a mom and want more to enjoy drinking, consider neoprene pint glass koozies available. This keeps your beer cold and out of the baby’s reach while enjoying a few indulgent occasions.

Understanding the Question, “Does Beer Help With Breastfeeding”

Does beer help with breastfeeding? Beer may help reduce stress which can increase milk production and milk flow. However, it can impede oxytocin release and cause dehydration. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of consumption and decide whether beer suits you. 

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