9 Bible Lessons Totally Relevant in 2022

There are many things we can learn from the Bible that are relevant today. If you're in need of some inspiration, here's some life Bible lessons.

It’s easy to discount Bible lessons. After all, it’s 2,000 years old.

However, you might be surprised to discover how relevant its teachings remain today. Like God Himself, Bible teachings are timeless.

Read on for 9 Bible life lessons that are still relevant in the modern day and age.

1. Share Your Time, Wealth, and Talents With Others

Hebrews 13:16: In such an uncertain time, it’s easy to focus on yourself and forget the outside world. However, sharing the wealth is one way to refocus on others, all while developing your spirituality.

If you don’t have enough financial wealth to go around, that’s okay. God understands that not everyone has the same resources. Another great way to make sacrifices for others is to spend time volunteering or in other acts of service.

2. Trust in God’s Divine Timing

Ecclesiastes 3:1: It’s only human to anxiously await something you’re looking forward to. This Bible verse reminds us to trust in God and His Divine timing.

Whether you’re waiting for a hardship to end or hoping for a new opportunity, just know that God has a plan.

3. Prioritize Selflessness

Philippians 2:3: This verse focuses on our motivations. It advises us to act out of concern for others rather than our own selfish desires.

By placing others above ourselves, we’re able to give the highest honor to God.

4. Count Your Blessings and Give Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: It’s also quite easy to focus on the negatives. However, there are so many gifts God gives us, and it’s important not to forget these. 

Giving thanks shows trust in God’s Divine plan. With that trust comes peace, lessening your anxiety in the matter.

5. Move Forward and Leave the Past Behind

Isaiah 43:18-19: It’s easy to dwell on the past. How often have you caught yourself ruminating over something that happened? However, the past cannot be changed.

Instead, this verse advises us to look forward to the future. Even if we can’t see it at the moment, God has a beautiful plan that’ll become clear in the future.

6. Release Anxious Thoughts Through Prayer

Philippians 4:6: Through prayer, anything is possible, even letting go of anxiety.

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s important to turn those thoughts over to God in prayer. His Grace will bring you peace.

7. Ward Off Evil Through Good Deeds

Romans 12:21: There’s nothing the Evil One hates more than good deeds.

This verse reminds us that doing good for others is the first and foremost way to fight off evil. Whether you interpret this as external or internal demons, doing good can never lead you astray.

8. Do Not Be Afraid: Draw Power from God

2 Timothy 1:7: Without God, it’s easy to be afraid of the future.

However, we can draw power from God. Through prayer, all fears can be conquered.

9. Never Stop Praying

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: Through prayer comes joy. By expressing gratitude through prayer, we honor God’s will. No matter the circumstances, if you can find gratitude, you can find joy.

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Further Bible Lessons

If you’re looking to delve deeper into inspirational Bible verses, there are plenty of resources for Bible lessons. The Bible is an obvious option, but if you’d like to go deeper, consider checking out a Bible study group.

For more advice and life lessons, check out our other articles on spirituality.

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