5 Types of Dance For Kids

Are you thinking about signing your kid up for dance lessons? Click here to find out about the types of dance they can learn in 2022!

A recent study found that over 21% of kids participate in dance lessons. Dancing is quite an underrated sport; after all, it teaches teamwork, flexibility, and even creativity. However, what kinds of dance can kids learn?

Don’t worry, with this guide you can find out! From jazz to tap, you can learn all about the different types of dance your child can perform. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at dancing for kids: 

1. Jazz  

This high-energy dance form consists of quick and precise movements. Kids as young as eight are given different movement combinations to learn and perform how they choose. For example, children perform fast turns, lively footwork, and grand leaps.

Most jazz instructors even encourage kids to make each move their own. That way, kids can express themselves and be creative with their dance.

Jazz is perfect for any kid who wants to dance with little to no restrictions. In fact, this type of dance can help kids stay flexible and physically fit. 

2. Hip Hop 

At hip-hop classes, kids learn how to perform a set of street-style steps to popular hip-hop music. Kids eight or older will learn dance moves like the jack, the bounce, as well as specialized dance combinations. Most hip-hop instructors also allow kids to perform freestyle movements as well as engage in class dance battles.  

This dance form is great for any high-energy kid looking to have some fun. After all, it will help them burn off energy as well as learn coordination and strength. 

Plus, once kids have a strong understanding of hip hop, they can then advance to breakdancing or lyrical hip hop. That way, they never have to stop doing what they love! 

3. Tap    

Tap classes are great for beginners who are starting their first dance class. After all, tap introduces kids to a variety of different combinations that can be used in other dances such as ballet or hip-hop.   

This high-energy dance form is great for kids as young as three to start learning. Kids will learn how to perform movements that enhance the tapping sound of their shoes. These movements consist of step heel and heel step, shuffle ball, and ball change.  

Depending on your kid’s age, the instructor might choreograph a whole routine for them or let students improvise their steps. That way, dancers learn how to do basic moves but also understand how to be creative with each step.

Which Types of Dance Do Your Kids Prefer?  

Dancing is a great way for kids to exercise while expressing themselves and their creativity. You can enroll your child in either jazz, hip-hop, or tap classes. There they’ll learn how to perform jazz numbers, hip-hop combinations, and tap sequences.  

By learning different types of dance styles, your child will also enhance their coordination skills, strength, as well as their flexibility. That way, your child can maximize their dance moves to tell an intriguing story. 

Now, for more information about dancing lessons, check out our other articles regarding kids’ sports. We look forward to helping your child succeed!

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