5 Reasons Why Churches Should Use Orange Curriculum

5 Reasons Why Churches Should Use Orange Curriculum

Orange is an engaging curriculum that helps churches align with parents. The curriculum utilizes a yearly plan to support critical milestones in children’s lives. It focuses on aligning the light of the church and the love of the home to impact kids’ faith.

It also offers dynamic class content and a handy parenting app. Its price plans vary based on the type of package you choose.

Lessons are based on the Bible.

A team writes the curriculum of teachers from various churches and denominations. It features a variety of teaching methods and activities, including games, music, and creative visuals. It also provides unique communication tools to engage with families and volunteers. This makes it easy to connect with kids and help them grow spiritually.

Orange is a kid’s ministry program that offers biblical lessons and activities for children and teens from preschool to high school. It uses a holistic ministry approach involving the church, home, and family. This helps kids and teens develop a strong foundation of faith, which can be taken into the world outside of the church.

Churches that use Orange curriculum can choose from several different Orange packages. These include a Sunday “252” package comprising a script for large groups, a step-by-step plan for small groups, and screen images and theme graphics. It also includes a weekly social media plan and an original monthly song. You can also purchase a full year of Orange curriculum and receive access to a leader network, a media package, and an Orange specialist.

One of the advantages of using Orange is that the materials are available online, which allows them to be used by more churches. Moreover, they offer a monthly membership option to ease financial concerns. Besides, their videos are well-shot and professionally produced.

It’s easy to use

Orange Curriculum is an easy-to-use, digitally-focused platform that connects kids to mentors and leaders who can invest in them. Their children’s ministry curriculum options include everything from preschool to teen youth. It also provides various resources for parents, including a podcast, app, and parent blog.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is essential to students’ overall development. Research shows that it helps kids cope with stress and develop skills to help them become resilient. Teachers and other adults can play an essential role in promoting SEL by fostering a positive, safe environment that is conducive to learning.

A key feature of Orange is its commitment to bringing church and home together. Its biblical resources align the light of the church with the heart of the family, believing that two combined voices are more vital than one.

Orange creates experiences that build community bonds and help families make the most of milestones like baby dedications, kindergarten graduations, baptisms, and more. They believe that when parents are educated about their faith, they will be better equipped to spread it to the rest of their family and friends. Orange also focuses on the teen years with its XP3 middle school and high school programs. These are designed to build strong foundations that will last through life’s challenges. They do this by ensuring that the core messages are deeply understood and not just heard.

It’s affordable

Orange is a church-centered curriculum that connects kids and their families to a local congregation. It uses fun lessons to teach children about God and Jesus. It also encourages parents to get involved with their kids’ religious education. This is a great way to build an unbreakable bond between the generations.

Orange provides an extensive list of children’s ministry resources, events, and training programs for churches. Their curriculum is also designed for the unique nuances of each age group. This way, they can provide the best possible learning experience for kids.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a growing area of research that addresses how people deal with stress and other challenges. The SEL program teaches students how to manage emotions and develop positive relationships. It also helps them overcome obstacles and become resilient.

While Orange is a good option for small churches, it may not be appropriate for larger organizations. For example, its director lists his pronouns in his Twitter bio and frequently retweets progressive Christian authors. Moreover, the company’s curriculum is influenced by progressive Christianity, which isn’t rooted in the absolute authority of Scripture.

Another advantage of Orange is its affordable pricing. It has different plans and packages, ranging from a starter package to a full year’s curriculum. The price varies according to the number of students, the level of access, and the media package.

It’s customizable

With Orange, you get a lot of flexibility when creating your content. This is because it’s web-based and can be edited to fit your church environment. It is also highly accessible for those with limited technical skills.

The curriculum also focuses on social-emotional learning (SEL). This is important because it helps kids understand their emotions and empathize with others. The more students can manage their feelings, the better they will deal with life’s challenges.

This is what makes Orange different from other kids’ ministry curriculum providers. It offers a comprehensive strategy to unite the church and home to influence kids. The name Orange combines the colors yellow and red, which symbolize the critical influences of the church and family in the lives of children.

The Orange curriculum uses a unique approach to teaching the Bible. It teaches kids to integrate Jesus into their worldview rather than replacing it with a biblical one. This is a problem because it leads to young people not becoming followers of Christ. After all, they don’t have a new worldview that centers on God and his kingdom.

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