5 Parent Engagement Ideas for Teachers

With a few parent engagement ideas, you can get the parents of your students to involve themselves more often at school. Get several ideas here!

Are you a teacher who wants to engage your student’s parents? Have you tried home visits yet? If not, then we have some parent engagement ideas that might help you out.

People like to talk to and engage with their children’s teachers. Using some sort of virtual contact can make this possible. Below, we review what home visit and parent-teacher meeting ideas we think you should try next.

Let’s get into it!

1. Online Advice Videos

Parents look to teachers for guidance and advice when it comes to taking care of their healthy children. With the rise of technology, teachers can now give more tailored advice and reach out to parents with online advice videos.

Teachers can invite parents to submit questions to be addressed in upcoming advice videos and brainstorm ideas with parents for future topics. They can be used as tools to equip parents with the knowledge and resources they need to help their children excel.

2. Social Media That Connects to Parents

It is a quick and easy way to communicate with parents about important classroom updates and upcoming events. Setting up a private group on a platform such as Facebook or Instagram can help build a stronger connection between parents and teachers.

Teachers can also use these social media accounts to poll parents for engagement ideas, connect with the local community, and advertise upcoming events or fundraisers. This way, parents do not have to choose between participating in their child’s learning or attending to their own obligations.

3. Home Visits and Parent/Teacher Conferences

Home visits are an excellent way to foster relationships between teachers and parents. Parents appreciate having a chance to get to know their child’s teacher and the classroom while the teacher can observe the child learning in a more natural environment.

Parent-teacher conferences provide a forum for both sides to discuss the student’s academic performance or any other issues. Teachers can also use conferences to get to know the families and ask about the home environment the student comes from. Consider Westminster Private School to experience this type of conference.

4. Family Nights

Family nights are an excellent way for parents and teachers to engage with one another. During family nights, parents and teachers can meet and discuss issues related to student learning.

When incorporating family nights into the equation, teachers have a chance to really engage parents with their child’s education while simultaneously creating a bond between the children and their families. Fun activities, such as Bingo night or a movie night, can help to promote parent-child bonding.

5. School Mobile App

Mobile apps can be used to send important notifications to parents, such as a student’s test scores, attendance records, or upcoming events. Parents can log in to check their student’s progress, RSVP for events, and even contact teachers directly to ask questions or schedule meetings.

This is also a great place to share resources, including a set of online educational activities and games for students to engage with. Furthermore, the mobile app can also be used to host school activities and open discussions in order to accurately address any issues or concerns the parents might have.

Top Parent Engagement Ideas

Tried and true methods of parental engagement are most effective in creating successful student learning. Resources such as newsletters, social media, and parent-teacher conferences are great ways to keep families informed and involved.

Encourage parents to support their student’s learning by using these strategies!

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