The Benefits of Putting Your Teenager Through Driver’s Education Courses

The Benefits of Putting Your Teenager Through Driver's Education Courses

Everybody tends to make a joke anytime a teenager newly gets his or her license, but the reality is that it’s no laughing matter. According to the CDC, teenage drivers are more likely to have trouble recognizing dangerous situations that can lead to serious crashes and are more likely to speed or follow at close distances.

If you have a teenager who wants to get behind the wheel, sending them to driving school could be the best thing you do for them and for everyone else on the road.

They’ll Have a Better Understanding of Traffic Laws

Before you put your teenager behind the wheel of their own new Hyundai for sale, you want to be sure they know the rules of the road.

In driving school, teenagers spend time both in the classroom and on the road with a qualified instructor to learn about traffic rules, such as changing lanes, turning, and passing other vehicles. In fact, some states even require that teenagers take driver’s ed, so if you’re still hesitant, it’s a good idea to check into local regulations.

They’ll Gain More Confidence on the Road

Detailed instruction is essential to ensure your teenager is confident when they get behind the wheel. It can be difficult to instill this confidence in your teenager on your own, especially if it’s hard for you to watch your baby grow up.

Experienced driving instructors who provide your teenager with guided practice help to lessen anxiety on the road and teach them to make smart decisions in real-time situations.

They May Have Lower Insurance Rates

When you send your child to a reputable driving school, they will receive a certificate of completion. Upon earning a driver’s license, you can take this certificate to most major auto insurance companies.

Typically, they’ll provide a discount on your child’s auto insurance. Often, this discount is at least 5%, which can add up quickly when it comes to savings. If your new driver continues to drive safely and doesn’t get into any accidents, they may see even more insurance discounts in the future. 

They’ll Receive More Real-Time Driving Experience

One of the biggest problems that teen drivers have is that they haven’t spent enough time on the road. When parents lead busy lives of work, errands, and taking kids to and from extracurriculars, it can be difficult to find the time to teach their teenagers how to drive. This means that even if they technically pass the driving test, they likely haven’t had enough experience behind the wheel to be a truly safe driver.

Sending them to a driving school instead ensures they have a specific number of hours behind the wheel with a licensed and experienced instructor right by their side. Once the time comes to take their test, they may even be encouraged to look online at resources that can help them Find Driving Test Cancellations so that they can take their test sooner – once they’re ready, they’re ready! 

Help Your Teenager Feel Confident With Driver’s Education

Give your teenager the best gift you can give them (next to a new car, of course). Give them driving school lessons that will help them to gain confidence, learn the rules of the road, and keep themselves and others safe when they are enjoying their newfound freedom.

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