5 Couples Therapy Questions You Want To Ask During a Session

You get to ask questions during marriage counseling. Find possible couples therapy questions to ask and find answers to here.

Couples undergoing therapy often face the most challenging and trying times in their relationship. However, only when they take that first step and start to address the issues can they find ways of solving them.

What should you be asking a couple in couples therapy?

There are so many things to cover when they consider the future of their relationship and what an impact therapy will have on it. Let’s review a few couples therapy questions to ask during a session.

1. What Activities or Interests Do You Enjoy Doing Together?

Activities and hobbies can be a great way to help couples stay connected and foster stronger relationships. Questions and discussions about hobbies and interests can also give couples insight into how their partner perceives and interact with the world around them.

It can also be an opportunity to contribute ideas and experiences to help the couple come closer together. Finding activities that both or all partners enjoy can also help couples build shared memories and deepen their understanding of one another.

2. How Do You Divide Responsibilities and Make Decisions Together?

“What are your expectations of your partner in completing household tasks?” This can help facilitate discussion on how responsibilities are shared and the decision-making process that best works for a particular couple.

If a couple finds answering questions regarding accountability and decision-making difficult, you may ask more probing questions to clarify the subject.

3. How Do You Handle Apologies and Forgiveness Within Your Relationship?

These questions will help you to gain an understanding of the dynamics of the relationship. You may also find it helpful to ask why and how apologies are handled within the relationship.

Questions such as “What does a typical apology look like?” and “How do you decide if forgiveness is accepted?” will likely yield important information. 

4. How Do You Show Love and Affection for Each Other?

When discussing how each partner shows love and affection, it is essential to have an open and honest conversation. These questions can provide insight into how couples demonstrate love and how both parties view their relationship.

Asking each other these questions can help couples better understand how to express love and affection for each other and can help strengthen the bond between them.

5. What Are Your Expectations From Each Other in the Relationship?

During the session, seek insight into each person’s motives for being in the relationship and how each partner looks at their expectations of one another. Questions should include why they entered the relationship and what they hope it looks like going forward.

During marriage counseling, ask them to discuss how they set clear boundaries with each other. Ask how they open their lines of communication. Ask how they communicate their needs and wants. 

Great Couples Therapy Questions

Couples therapy questions can help a pair get their relationship back on track. It’s important to ask questions that will help couples figure out how to solve their problems and challenges.

With the right question, hurt and anger can turn into essential conversations that can help couples start to get back together. Take the time to find the right questions to ask in a couples therapy session.

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