Why there is a Burnt Taste from your Vape

Why there is a Burnt Taste from your Vape

Many people have switched from smoking to vaping because tobacco is known to have so many health risks. However, as you start on your vaping journey you need to be aware of a few things that can have a negative impact on your vaping experience. One of the most important things, you need to understand is the issue of a burnt taste from your vape. This is more common than you might think, especially for the new vapers. In this article, we explore what causes the burnt vape taste and how to deal with it, so you can be properly informed and enjoy your vaping experience.

What causes a burnt taste from a vape?

The burnt taste you might notice while vaping is an unpleasant and usually acrid flavour that vapers experience as they inhale from their electronic cigarettes or other vaping devices. While a vaper normally enjoys a smooth and tasty vapour when they take a puff on their devices, they’re met with a harsh and burnt sensation that is unfriendly to the taste buds and sticks in their throats.

How common is a burnt taste from your vape?

More common than you think. You may ask your fellow vapers why you could be getting the burnt taste while vaping, and the simple answer the experienced vapers will give you is that your vaping device’s coils are burnt. The usual cause is that the burnt taste from vape is a result of burning the wick, which is the cotton wrapped around you’re the coils of your device.

Here are some of the reasons you may get the burnt taste from a vape:

Having low levels of e-juice

When you vape with too little e-liquid in your device’s tank, you will most likely get dry hits. This is because the coil will not be sufficiently soaked with e-liquid, leading to the burning of the wick, and the burnt vape taste.

Vaping when your coils are not well-primed

If you have a new coil, you need to allow time for it to be saturated—this usually takes a few minutes. This ensures it will be properly primed before you use the device. Of course, if the wick is not well saturated with e-juice, it will burn because dry cotton burns, and you will experience a vape-burning taste.

Using worn-out coils

As with other many devices, coils have a limited lifespan and wear out with use. Using a worn-out coil could lead to low vapour production and a burnt taste from your vape.

Vaping at too high a voltage 

When you vape at a higher wattage than the coil’s recommended wattage range, or you chain vape without breaks to allow the coil to cool down, you can also get the burnt taste.

Tips on how to fix burnt coil vape

Because you now know what causes the vape burnt taste, you need to understand how to fix the issue. Here are some ways you use to fix your burnt coil vape:

Replacing the coils 

It is crucial to regularly replace your coils to ensure a pleasant vaping experience.

Topping up your e-juice level

To avoid your wick not being well-soaked in the e-liquid, always ensure your e-juice levels are at the recommended levels.

Avoid overheating the coil

You need to ensure you vape at the recommended wattage for your coils to avoid overheating it leading to the burnt taste while vaping.

Using quality vaping supplies

Always use quality e-juice that is free of impurities. Also, use quality coils and devices so you get the best vaping experience.


Have you been experiencing a burnt taste while vaping but you have no idea what causes it or how you can fix it? The above discussion can help you deal with the issues so you have a great vaping experience. Most importantly, buy your vaping supplies from reputable vendors and follow the manufacturer’s instructions as you use the device. 

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