Wool Coats For Winter: Are They Worth The Hype?

Wool Coats For Winter Are They Worth The Hype?

It is starting to get cold outside, and many people are going back to their wardrobes and pulling out their winter and autumn coats to keep toasty when out and about.

If you are something of a fashion fan, you may have noticed that at the Paris Fashion Week for the autumn and winter range, there were a lot of wool coats. This trend is now spreading into online stores and clothing shops, just in time for the colder seasons.

If you have never owned a wool coat before, you may be wondering if they are worth the hype or if they are simply something of a fad. This article explores whether woolen coats are worth the buzz that they get every year and the advantages of having them in the colder months.

They Keep You Dry

As it is a natural fiber, wool has the ability to keep you dry even when the material is wet. So, it has something of a natural waterproof quality.

Not only that, but a wool coat also keeps you warm, even on the coldest of days, so you won’t have to wear multiple layers of clothing, even if you are going out in a snowstorm. Therefore, when it comes to choosing any kind of coat, whether it is a jacket or plus size coats UK, wool is the number one material for keeping you dry and warm.

They Are Breathable

As stated before, wool is a natural fiber, much like cotton, and therefore, it has the ability to breathe. Note that this is only really the case if you pair the right clothing with it; if you have on a woolen jumper and then put on a wool coat over the top, you’re going to sweat!

When worn with thinner fabrics, wool is great at regulating your body temperature and keeping you from becoming overheated on those cold days, which can be a real issue. 

They Are Affordable

In times gone by, wool coats were the most expensive kind of coat you could purchase, so many people moved away from them, opting for synthetic materials instead. However, they have dropped in price, meaning that you can probably find a stylish and affordable wool coat in your local clothing store or online. This will, of course, depend on the length and overall style of the coat and whether or not you choose to get a brand-named option.

They Come In A Range Of Styles

When most people think of a wool coat, they may envision it looking similar to the coat of a Labradoodle dog! However, wool can be woven into many different shapes and styles, meaning that you could have a wool coat that looks like it is made from very thick cotton. Many people looking at these coats are surprised by the range of styles that they come in, so choose one that you like, and you’re good to go!

They Look…Great!

Finally, if you want to look good in the cooler months, a wool coat is the way to do it. They can be dyed into a range of colors and come in a range of versatile styles that simply ooze fashion while also keeping you warm.

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