Winning Strategies to Help You Succeed in Your Lemon Law Case

Winning Strategies to Help You Succeed in Your Lemon Law Case

Dealing with a lemon vehicle can be frustrating and time-consuming. Manufacturers often use tactics to bully consumers, making it difficult for them to get full compensation under state lemon laws or the federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Consumers with vehicles with serious defects should consult a lemon law attorney to help them fight for justice. 

Hire a Lemon Law Attorney

Buying a car is among the most important milestones in many people’s lives. Consumers only naturally expect to get a car that will function properly. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes cars end up being lemons, and that can be quite frustrating. Luckily, lemon laws exist to help consumers who find themselves in this situation. If you have purchased a vehicle that ends up being a lemon, you must hire a lemon law attorney to assist you with your claim. An experienced attorney will have a better chance of winning your claim and getting you compensated for your vehicle. A good lemon lawyer will also be open and realistic about your chances of winning your case. In addition, a lemon law attorney will be knowledgeable about state lemon laws and the court system in your area. This will be a big plus in your case since many states have their own rules and regulations for lemon law claims. Some states require mediation, while others don’t. If you must go through arbitration, having an experienced lemon law attorney on your side is a good idea.

Don’t Sign Any Documents Without First Talking to an Attorney

When you purchase a new vehicle, you have expectations. You want your car to be safe and dependable. If the car you drive starts to experience recurring problems, it may be a lemon. Knowing your rights under state lemon laws or the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of the country is critical.

For instance, lemon law attorneys in Arizona help consumers get the justice they deserve by taking their cases as far as necessary, including to trial. A lawyer is your best defense against manufacturers’ ploys to force consumers into arbitration or settle their claims out of court. One common mistake is creating disconnects between a consumer’s complaints and the manufacturer’s repair attempts. For example, if you report a problem and then describe it differently each time you take the vehicle in for repairs, this can hurt your chances of proving that your vehicle meets the state’s lemon laws. For this reason, you should always report the specific issues when they first occurred and every time you take your vehicle in for repairs. Maintaining meticulous records throughout your lemon law case is key to resolving the issue. This includes a timeline of the problems you reported to the manufacturer when they took your car for repairs and the dates each problem was fixed or returned to the dealer for further review. This information helps your lemon attorney build a strong breach of warranty claim in your favor and can often lead to a satisfactory resolution.

Don’t Accept Arbitration

While it is possible to file a lemon law claim without an attorney, our experience has shown that owners who hire a lemon law attorney have significantly better outcomes. Lemon law attorneys are skilled at navigating the complex rules and regulations that apply to these claims. They know how to spot and prevent errors, such as missing deadlines or procedural requirements, that might otherwise destroy your case.

The first thing that a lemon law lawyer will do is make sure that you and the manufacturer are on the same page regarding your desired remedy. Different state lemon laws allow for various remedies, including replacement vehicles and refunds of the vehicle purchase price plus compensation.

The lemon law attorney will help you choose and fight for the best remedy, even if that means going to court. They will also take the time to understand your situation and how it relates to your vehicle. This knowledge will give them the edge when negotiating with the manufacturer. 

Don’t Skip Over Lemon Law Clauses in Purchase Orders

It is important to read the fine print during the purchase or lease of a vehicle. Opt out of any clauses that require arbitration before submitting your purchase order. Often, these clauses are hidden in the fine print and hard to understand. As such, they can be easy to miss when signing your purchase or lease agreement. This type of clause is known as forced arbitration. Forced arbitration is not only illegal in some states, but it also gives auto manufacturers a huge advantage over consumers. Many auto manufacturers will try to convince you to go through arbitration, claiming that it is cheaper, faster, and easier for them. However, the truth is that it’s only cheap, fast, and easy for them, while you will be left with an empty wallet after a loss. By refusing to agree to arbitration, you will allow your lemon law attorney in Arizona to negotiate a fair settlement with the manufacturer. This will allow you to get back your vehicle while recouping a refund, incidental damages, attorneys’ fees, and other costs associated with the car. Furthermore, if the manufacturer loses at arbitration, it could face substantial punitive damages. 

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