Which Jewelry Suits You Best? Try These Tips

Whether you have recently decided to try a completely new style or you have never worn much jewelry before, it can be difficult to know where to start when picking out the right pieces. 

Accessories are a fantastic way to add detail and intrigue to an outfit, with jewelry being particularly effective at changing the tone of your overall look. Here are some tips if you are trying to work out which pieces of jewelry would suit you the best.

Evaluate Your Skin’s Undertone

Anyone can wear whatever color of jewelry they like. Just because you have cool undertones doesn’t mean you are banned from ever enjoying yellow gold jewelry again. However, if you are keen to find out which pieces will suit you best and enhance your natural appearance, it can be useful to look into how your skin, hair, and eye color influence your jewelry choices. 

As a general overview, people with warm undertones tend to suit warmer shades of metal, whereas those with cool undertones suit cool metal shades. To identify your skin’s undertone, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Purple or blue veins usually indicate cool tones, while green veins mean warm. 

Of course, this isn’t a rule but merely a helpful hint for finding metal shades that work for you.

Experiment with Unfamiliar Styles

If you don’t normally wear much jewelry, a great place to start is by checking vintage or thrift stores for a wide variety of styles. This will let you experiment with different looks without spending too much on expensive pieces.

Choose a Focal Piece

Just as many people enjoy wearing a signature scent or love to sport their own unique uniform, you can choose your favorite jewelry and make it the center of your outfit. This could either be by wearing bold and unusual items of clothing, or by creating an outfit specifically to enhance your jewelry pieces; even a simple silver cross necklace can become a statement when paired with the right outfit. 

Consider how the structure, shape, size, scale, and color all contribute to the overall impression. If you want to show off your favorite earrings, find a hairstyle that lets them shine; if you have a beautiful bracelet, find an outfit with sleeves to complement it.

Layer Up

Sometimes less is more when it comes to accessories, especially if you want to highlight a single delicate piece such as a necklace or pair of earrings. However, you can also make an impact by layering jewelry and mixing seemingly disparate pieces. 

A recent trend has seen people wearing multiple necklaces of different lengths, colors, and styles, as well as multiple ear piercings and stacked rings.

Mismatch Your Jewelry and Outfit

You can enhance an outfit by ensuring that your accessories match it perfectly, but you can also enhance an outfit by wearing completely incongruous jewelry. For example, a classy blouse and skirt combo could be given a grungy twist with chunky chains and stacked rings. Similarly, you could add a soft touch to an otherwise oversized and masculine outfit with delicate necklaces and feminine earrings. Balance can be found in both matching and mismatching your jewelry, so long as you approach it with consideration.

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