When To Clean Your Home Air Filters

In this article, we will look at a few signs that let you know when to clean or replace your home air filters.

Cleaning your home’s air filters is an essential and easy task. Without proper airflow, dust starts to settle in the working unit and vents, resulting in anything from inefficient heating and cooling to, at worst, a fire. The only way to ensure that does not happen is through a little maintenance. In this article, we will look at a few signs that let you know when to clean or replace your home air filters.

Too Hot

A clear sign that you need to clean your home air filter is when the system’s back is too hot. When you can feel the system burning up, you will be right to assume that the filter needs cleaning or replacementd. Keep in mind that the system only heats up when working overtime, and harder than it has to. Failure to notice the issue can cause your system to break down and has a horrible impact on the future system.

Barely Cold

Another clear sign that your air conditioning filter needs cleaning is when the system cannot pass cold air. Keeping the dust out during the summer season can be a challenge, but that does not mean your system has to lack behind. Only a dirty air filter can stand in the way of cold air getting around your home.

Bill Increase

When your electricity bill starts to escalate, it’s time to get down to business. The only time your account sees an increase is when something in your home is pulling in more power than necessary. Only by keeping up with a healthy working system can you keep your bill in check. Check your air filter and clean them as best as possible. Making sure it works efficiently can help keep your bill in check.

Allergy Attacks

Individuals who deal with allergy attacks can quickly tell when their air filter needs a wash. If you or someone in your family has started to suffer from more allergy attacks, then it’s time to clean your air filters. Pet danders, and dust pollen can hang in your air, especially when working with an ineffective air system. Cleaning your air filters regularly can help you ward off allergies.

Settled Dust

One of the main signs is dust on your furniture, floor, and other surfaces near the vent. When you start noticing dust in specific areas of your home, check and ensure that a vent is nearby. Once you have determined that it is, in fact, near the vent, then it’s time to clean the air filters. The dust comes from the system itself. As the filter is unable to clean your air, it starts to push out dirt along with air.

Typically when you have seen these signs it means you should have changed or replaced your filter weeks ago. There is no reason why you should wait for the signs to check on your air filter. Make a habit of checking your home system once a month to ensure you keep up with a healthy home.

Additionally, to make sure you are cleaning your air filter right, it’s best to go through the manual or hire a professional. Getting the help you need ensures the job gets done the right way. Keep in mind that air filtration systems and repairs are expensive and require some upkeep to ensure effective and efficient running for years to come. This is why it’s best to understand and maintain your system to prevent costly repairs.

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