When Should You Consider Assisted Living For Your Elderly Parent?

It can be tough to figure out when caring for your elderly parent has become too much to do alone. Learn when to consider assisted living as an option.

Did you know that over a million seniors in America live in assisted living communities? Assisted living is a great option for older folks who do not need round-the-clock care and maintain independence. However, there are doctors and medical staff on-site to offer help if needed.

Have you wondered whether it’s time to transfer your loved one to an assisted living facility? Rather than a nursing home or another form of elder care, here are some of the signs that assisted living may be the best option for your loved one.

They Have a Chronic Health Condition

As humans age, they naturally develop more health conditions that can cause problems in their everyday life. Senior citizens with chronic health issues may benefit from assisted living, rather than rely on family or friends.

If your loved one needs to start taking more medication, a living assistant can help to remind them of their medicine schedule. An assisted living facility can also help to organize medicine and make it easier for patients, no matter how independent they are.

You can learn more about caring for the senior citizens in your life if they have health conditions that require more attention. Sometimes, assisted living is the best option if you do not have the time or resources to care for them on your own. Look here to get more info.

You Want Them Closer to Home

If your loved one lives far away from you and you can’t see them as often as you would like, an assisted living community can be a great compromise. It is important to spend time with senior citizens in their golden years.

You can find local assisted living facilities in your area with a quick internet search. You will usually get results within a radius of only a few miles. Try looking at reviews and narrowing them down by factors like cost, rating, and proximity to where you live.

Being closer to home makes it easier to take your loved one out of elder care for a day and bring them wherever they would like to go. If they are mobile, you can take them to a local park, shopping mall, or even to your house to spend quality time with family and friends.

Forgetfulness and Confusion

Memory weakens with age, but you should know when it becomes an issue for your loved one. It may be time for an elderly home if they have trouble remembering important things in their life.

Before jumping the gun, you should get some tests done to check for dementia. Dementia affects millions of seniors age 65 and older. If you get a diagnosis, your loved one’s doctors should be able to give you a timeline of the disease. You can ask them when it is a good idea to consider assisted living.

Some assisted living centers even specialize in memory care. This type of facility has nurses trained to care for dementia patients. The living assistant knows how to deal with a wide variety of situations for any stage of dementia.

They Desire a Better Social Life

Although many people think their social life will blossom once they hit their golden years, it is often the opposite. Seniors suffer from isolation and lack of friendships as their social circle dwindles.

One of the advantages of an assisted living center or nursing home is that they can easily make new friends. For more independent elder care facilities, there are many activities available at all times for seniors.

Even if your loved one does not need assisted living care, it may be better to move into a senior citizen community. That way, they will not have to move again if they need more help, and they can start building a social circle.

Your loved one can stay active with exercise classes designed for senior citizens. They can also participate in clubs or game nights to make some new friends.

They Need to Downsize

For empty nesters, sometimes a house has too much space to be manageable. Assisted living communities have all types of floor plans, from shared and individual rooms to entire apartments.

If you want to move your loved one to assisted living, make sure to go through the items in their house to downsize. Often, they will not be able to bring everything with them due to limited space.

Senior citizens can feel more comfortable in a smaller amount of space, with fewer items to keep track of. If they want to keep things that cannot fit, they can store them at a relative’s house or in a storage locker.

Trouble With Daily Tasks

When you visit your loved one, look around to see if they can still manage their home. Sometimes you may notice things like dust or dirty dishes. This can let you know they may be having a difficult time.

In an elderly home, a living assistant can help them to accomplish daily tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. Accommodations are made to help them function as independently as possible.

They Still Want Independence

Your loved one may choose assisted living rather than going to a nursing home. This is because assisted living offers a unique blend of caretaking and independence. The level of care your loved one receives depends on how much they need it.

Assisted living communities are a great in-between option that will make everyone happy. Your loved ones will still maintain their independence, while you can ensure their safety.

Consider Assisted Living Today

If your loved one needs a little bit of extra help, you should not have to worry about finding excellent care for them. With assisted living for senior citizens, you can rest easy knowing they have resources to help.

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