What to Do on Family Day With the Kids

When the kids are home from school and everyone's together, take some time to make it enjoyable. Here's what you can do together for family day.

The kids are out of school, and they’re getting bored sitting around at home all day. You feel bad for them, plus want to spend some quality family time together.

So you’ve taken a few days off work so you can make some great memories. But when it comes to planning activities, you’re at a loss as to what to do with your loved ones.

Not to worry, as we’re to help. Below are some ideas on what to do on family day!

Spend an Afternoon at the Park

Pack some snacks, water, sunscreen, and picnic items, and you’re ready to spend a day at the park. Depending on what you’ve got nearby, the kids can either have fun on the playground or go for a challenging hike.

For the little ones, you can bring 24V ride on cars so they can keep up. Plus, it’ll feel like they’re driving around like grownups do, so it’ll be thrilling for them!

Spend the Day at the Beach

Do you live near the coast? Then an outstanding choice for family day can be some time at the beach!

There are plenty of activities to do, including swimming, snorkeling, boating, suntanning, and playing volleyball. Bring a cooler packed with food and drinks, and set up shop under a beach canopy. You can also pitch a beach tent so the little ones can have a cool hangout spot.

Have a Movie Marathon

Too lazy to go out and want to relax instead? Then choose a movie marathon day for your family.

Have a look through Netflix and add all the fantastic movies your kids want to see. Buy plenty of snacks, such as popcorn and chips; don’t forget the soda either! Bring all the cushions and pillows downstairs and pile on the cozy blankets.

If you want to go all out, redo your living room to look like a movie theater and act like an usher when your children come through. Guide them to their seats, wish them happy viewings, and hand them some tasty treats!

Bake or Cook Together

Knowing your way around a kitchen is an important life skill, but some kids can be hesitant to learn boring chores. Make baking and cooking into a fun thing by bonding over it!

Ask them what they want to eat, pick out recipes, and then spend time in the kitchen together. Your kids will be proud that they can eat something they’ve made!

Go on a Road Trip

If you’ve got the budget and time, a road trip is sure to be an amazing experience! You don’t have to go far either; pick somewhere nearby so time spent on the road isn’t too long and you won’t have to break the bank either.

This is the perfect opportunity to explore nearby cities you’ve always overlooked. You never know if there’s a gem right next to you!

Have a Great Family Day

The next time you need to plan a family day, you’ve got plenty of choices for entertaining kids. From days out at the park and beach and days in watching movings and baking/cooking, to road trips, you can help your children form some excellent memories!

If you want more advice on family bonding and creating great childhood memories, then keep reading our blog page!

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