What Are Good Maths Lessons for Year 3 Children?

What Are Good Maths Lessons for Year 3 Children?

Year 3 is a formative educational period for young students. Essential foundational concepts are learned at this stage. For example, year 3 students are expected to be comfortably competent with whole numbers as part of the year 3 mathematics curriculum. Furthermore, this curriculum demands proficiency in the four operations of whole numbers (addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication). The concepts of place value and numerical facts must also be thoroughly explained. To be proficient and familiar with all of these areas, year 3 students need solid maths lessons. This article will focus on the components of a successful maths lesson for year 3 students. Read on!

Elements of a Good Maths Lesson for Year 3 Students

The procedures outlined in this article must be included in the best maths lessons for year 3 children. Let’s investigate them.


The use of worksheets is a necessary component of an effective maths lesson for year 3 students because worksheets support their step-by-step learning style. In turn, this aids in the development of mathematical skills, the strategic approach to solving problems, and the ability to identify errors. Worksheets give young students experience with implementing a problem-solving process. A year three child’s understanding, proficiency, and familiarity with mathematics depend on all of these advantages. Therefore, a worksheet is a necessary component of each best mathematics lesson for year 3 students. Year 3 worksheets are available from reputable sources like Cazoom Maths.

PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint is software used to generate electronic presentations made up of a number of distinct pages or slides. PowerPoint presentations are a useful technique for grabbing year 3 students’ attention. This is due to the high level of graphics engagement, which causes kids to focus on this technology-based activity more than they would on maker activities. The maths teacher can swiftly go off course from a PowerPoint in order to discuss abstract concepts that will help the students comprehend each issue. The graphics of these manipulable tools can be used in a PowerPoint presentation instead of actual manipulable tools. This will facilitate learning for students.

Mathematics test cards

Any kind of game can elicit the best emotional response from kids. A successful maths lesson will use a variety of teaching techniques to get the most out of the students. Maths challenge cards are one of the instructional strategies employed. These playing cards have numbers and some graphics printed on them. During lessons, the teacher and the students can take on a challenge. The student will comprehend the four whole-number operations more clearly as a result of this.


A critical component of every excellent maths lesson for year 3 students is repetition. If repetition is not included in any teaching technique, method, or approach, the year 3 student forgets things readily since they are just learning them for the first time. An element that sets apart an ideal maths lesson for year 3 students is the inclusion of repetition in the lesson to promote memory retention.


The four components covered in this article must be included in every effective maths lesson for year 3 students. Then year 3 students will be ready and confident to move on to year 4 concepts when the time comes. 

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