Upgrade Your Home Security: Exploring the Benefits of Electronic Door Lock Services

Upgrade Your Home Security: Exploring the Benefits of Electronic Door Lock Services

Home security isn’t just about keeping burglars out. It can also help prevent fires and other disasters. A smart lock can be integrated with other devices to control things like lights, the temperature in the house, and the security alarm. This could scare off criminals and make them think twice about targeting your property.

Increased Security

Many people use smart door locks to keep their homes safe. These locks can prevent unauthorized entry and alert the homeowner when someone has used their unique code to enter the house.

These locks are also childproof, which is important for families with young children. They’re also easier to monitor than keys. You can see who is entering your home, and you can set up customized notifications through the app or a touch-screen base station. Smart locks can be integrated with other devices in the home security system, like cameras and alarms. They can also connect to smart assistants and integrations such as Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Wink or SmartThings. You can find the right smart lock to suit your needs and budget.

Easy Access

Using an electronic lock system eliminates the need for a security guard to memorize and track a number of individuals’ access rights. With a connected e-locking system, property managers can easily lock or unlock doors and monitor entry in real time. They can change access for staff members from a centralized management system. Smart locks are operated through key fobs or smartphone apps, eliminating the need for keys. Fobs work well for people with full hands, and they can be paired with your home Wi-Fi system so you can unlock the door remotely with an app. However, cyber hackers can compromise a smart lock’s security like any technology. To minimize this risk, choosing a strong password for your Wi-Fi and your device’s apps, and changing them regularly, is important.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Keeping track of physical keys can be an ongoing nightmare, especially for large buildings with high employee turnover. An electronic door lock Orlando service can help you in the installation process, making it easier and much cheaper to change access levels and grant or revoke access for people who need it. Some smart locks operate via a smartphone app, PIN on a keypad, fingerprint or face scanner and sync with home automation systems. Others work by using a remote or a key. A centralized access control server (ACS) lets security staff or IT employees make changes from their workstations. They can add or revoke access, modify employee ID badges and clearance levels and more. They can also remotely open doors from the ACS in emergencies, like fire or panic alarms.


As the name suggests, electronic door locks do not require physical keys to open. Instead, they operate with a card, code or fingerprint that is stored in the system and can be accessed remotely. This can make them a much safer option for homes and businesses. This can also help business owners keep tabs on employees who arrive late or leave early, preventing theft of equipment or confidential documents. By monitoring access control logs, you can work out who was where and when if there is any suspicious activity after working hours.


Electronic door locks offer the ultimate convenience for people who struggle with keeping up with keys for family, friends, neighbors and service workers. These locks can be shared with anyone with a code—or you can change the code instantly. Smart locks can also send visitor and status notifications to your smartphone or touch-screen base station. These updates can help you feel confident that your kids made it home from school safely, the pet sitter showed up on time and that guests checked in without an issue. There are a variety of remote access locks that work like the remote key fobs used in cars, so you don’t need to be close to the safety for them to operate. They typically run on rechargeable batteries and don’t require electricity or internet connectivity.

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