The Different Types of Baseball Caps and Hats

You love to throw on that old faithful for any occasion, but do you know there are different types of baseball caps? Here are the different types and styles.

Did you know that the first baseball caps were made of wool and leather? Primarily used as sun visors on the baseball field, they then moved into high street fashion. But with so many variations available, do you know which is best for you?

If not then we can help. Read on as we discuss the types of baseball caps that you can add to your wardrobe. 

Different Types of Baseball Caps

When it comes to baseball caps, there is no one size fits all approach. There are a wide array of different designs, each suited for different head shapes and even specific occasions. We have collected the most important ones below. 

Fitted Cap

These caps are not adjustable and need to sizing correctly. The advantage is that they fit snugly to the skull. Fitted caps can provide more warmth and protection than many other types of caps. 

Snapback, Strapback, and Flexible Fit

Both snap and strap back caps are adjustable, so they can be worn by heads of all shapes and sizes. A snapback has a plastic strap at the back with plastic snaps that can adjust the size. The strap back is similar but has two fabric straps lined with velcro to secure the hat. 

A variation on this is the flexible fit. This has an elasticated strap that is permanently fixed to the back of the crown. While it can fit most people, it can be uncomfortable on larger crowns. 

Paneled Caps

Baseball cap types can also be defined by how many panels they have, as well as how they affix to the head. These are commonly five, six, or seven-panel designs.

The panels make up the part that covers the head. Five-panel caps consist of four equal-sized panels, then a larger fifth panel at the front. This is the part that has designs printed and embroidered upon it. 

A six-panel hat is similar. When it comes to seven panels, they also follow the same design but have a seventh panel over the front. This allows for a design without the break in the front of the cap you would get in a six-panel construction. 

Structured and Unstructured

Structured caps are made from buckram. Once they are removed from the head, they retain their shape. Unstructured ones are made from looser fabrics that will lose their shape when not on the crown. 

Dad Cap

A Dad Cap is a specific design of a baseball cap. It is a low-profile cap that always has an unstructured, lightweight body. 

Mama hats are very similar but cater to females. They often have Mama embroidered to the top of them. You can shop more here if you are looking for this cool, stylish hat.

Trucker Hat

A trucker hat is another specific design of a cap. Their name comes from the occupation they are most synonymous with, long-haul truck driving. 

While they may have different panels, they are always characterized by mesh or net at the back. The front has a large panel that will have some sort of logo or design. 

Choosing a Profile

Another defining factor when choosing baseball cap styles is the profile. This is how the front of the hat slants. 

A low profile has a gentle slant at the front of the cap. Typically, this is used for sports. Mid-profile caps have more of a slant and deeper fit, the type a baseball player would wear. 

The high profile has the steepest slant. They are almost vertical. You commonly see these on caps designed for fashion and trucker-style hats.

Types of Materials

Baseball cap materials tend to be ones that remove moisture away from the head. For this reason, cotton and polyester are extremely popular. The most common materials are collected below. 

Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton has undergone a process in which brushes rub on it over and over again. This allows it to retain the properties of cotton but makes it extremely soft. Caps containing brushed cotton can come in various fabric weights. 

Cotton Twill

Cotton twill is similar to brushed cotton but has a sheen. It is a lighter fabric though still durable. 

Chino Twill

Washed chino twill is a basic, lightweight material. While the fabric can not hold bright colors, it is often found in general purposes caps for its low cost and durability. 

Polyester Mesh

This is one of the most breathable, lightweight fabrics making it ideal for caps used in sport games. Layers of mesh form to make a delicate texture that is also extremely hard-wearing. 

Color Dyed

Color dyed caps are typically associated with weathered, distressed-looking caps. The tones are often blurred to give a laid-back, vintage feel. Many of these caps have additional road-worn features like frayed peaks. 


Wool caps are generally heavier and warmer. They are avoided for sport as they are not as breathable. However, they are hard-wearing and great for cold weather. 

Brushed Canvas

Brushed canvas is one of the hardest-wearing cap materials available. At their base, they are brushed cotton, worn so hard they become extremely soft. Despite this, they remain durable. 

Trying Out Baseball Cap Styles

Now you know the types of baseball caps and choices on offer, try some out. Go to a store or order some from retailers with returns policies. You are sure to find something that suits your shape and wardrobe. 

If you found this article useful, we have many more. From clothing to accessories, we can help you make informed fashions decisions in the coming year. 

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