The Benefits of Adding a Fountain to Your Pond

The Benefits of Adding a Fountain to Your Pond

A fountain is an important part of your backyard pond and can be used for many purposes. This includes promoting natural healthy bacteria levels that digest organic silt, preventing harmful algae growth and decreasing smelly odors. But you may need to realize that fountains are more than just aesthetically pleasing. They can help keep your water clearer.

Keeps Your Fish Healthy

People build ponds for a variety of reasons. They may want to enjoy a water feature’s serenity or use it as a water retention solution for their property. However, all pond owners share one common desire: to keep their ponds healthy and beautiful.

Floating fountains create a movement that pushes oxygen throughout the water, which is crucial to keeping your pond healthy and vibrant. Highly-oxygenated water prevents algae growth and helps aquatic plants thrive. It also contains toxic ammonia, nitrates and nitrites that can kill fish and invertebrates. Additionally, aeration allows for organic sediment to be dispersed more easily, which can help reduce the need for pond dredging in the future. Thus, pond aerators and fountains are essential in promoting natural healthy bacteria levels that can digest decaying organic material that builds up at the bottom of lakes and ponds. This can help reduce foul odors that may otherwise develop.

Prevents Algae Growth

Most lakes and ponds suffer from excessive algae growth. This is because the nutrients found in pond sediment, leaves and dead fish are perfect for algae development. This alga is not only unsightly, but it also deprives your fish of vital oxygen and causes odor problems. Fountains help prevent the growth of algae by creating movement and aeration. This movement breaks up surface scum and disperses nutrients throughout the water.

In addition, the agitation of your fountain helps keep water temperatures more even, which is beneficial for fish and other wildlife. Finally, a rush disrupts the water surface, making it harder for mosquito eggs to develop, thus decreasing mosquito populations around your lake. You can use a safe algae-preventative product online or at many hardware and maintenance stores to prevent excessive algae growth. Just remember always to follow the instructions on the label!

Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Pond

Fountains can create a focal point in your landscape and provide an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. The sight and sound of moving water trigger neurochemicals that promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being. A fountain’s movement also helps keep debris like leaves, twigs, and other organic matter in motion so it doesn’t get stuck on the bottom of your pond, which could cause toxic muck to build up. The aerated water and oxygen levels provided by your fountain can help prevent algae growth, decrease smelly odors, and increase the overall clarity of your pond.

Depending on your purpose for your fountain, you may want to invest in one with a more simplistic spray pattern for aesthetic purposes or a higher horsepower for aeration purposes (1.5 HP per acre). If your pond is deep enough that a surface fountain doesn’t sufficiently circulate the water, you can install a bottom-diffused aeration system.

Prevents Sediment Buildup

Adding a fountain to your pond allows the water to be circulated, which prevents sediment buildup. The agitation caused by the rush causes the sand and silt in your pond to be constantly shifted. This keeps your pond clear and clean. The size of your pond plays a role in what type and size of fountain you choose to add. A large rush will overpower a small pond and look cluttered.

Moreover, a fountain’s spray pattern can determine whether it will aerate your entire pond. Koi ponds require at least three feet of depth to maintain healthy conditions. Adding a fountain to your koi pond will help increase the amount of oxygen in the water, which helps prevent algae growth and eliminates unpleasant gasses. This will also promote fish health and make your pond more attractive.

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