New Sex Positions For Fun

New Sex Positions For Fun

There are many things you can do to improve your sex life, such as:

  • Learn as much as you can about sex.
  • Maintain an interval for sex. 
  • Use lubricating gels and liquids
  • Maintain physical affection & fitness 
  • Find ways to keep your physical love alive.
  • Understand what your partner craves.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. 
  • Find romantic ways to become intimate.

All these things are essential for maintaining a fun sex life; however, trying different sex positions will throw a new dynamic. Escorts from Sydney are experts at showing people new sex tips heres what they say.

Why are different sex positions important? 

By practising different sex positions, the intensity of strokes and stimulation of the vagina is changed. Both partners can experience different intense feelings by changing sex positions. Moreover, males do not always know about the intensity and depth at which their female partner likes. Therefore, using different sex positions may satisfy the females needs to new levels, and in the end, if the women is happy the men are usually always happy. When a man has a very long or very short penis, girls usually experience unpleasant feelings, but some particular sex positions can also this issue. Here we will discuss some best sex positions in detail. 

  1. Doggy style

A sex position in which the person penetrating stands or kneels behind their partner is defined as doggy style. When the person receiving is on all fours, this is the classic form of doggy style. If that doesn’t work, changes can make it more enjoyable for you and your partner by adjusting the height or angle.

This position has the advantage of deep penetration, and it is favorable for females. In doggy style sex, the man’s penis can contact different stimulating areas of the vagina and help a women reach climax. The doggy is most of the most popular and women usually love this position due to more chances of G-spot stimulation. 

  1. Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow position is doggy style and its a favorite for female escorts in Melbourne; however, it’s a bit more vigorous. The person receiving the wheelbarrow must wrap their legs around their partner. For doing sex in this position, start with a doggy position and have your partner assist you in lifting your legs back and up, wrapping them around their back. Deep penetration is guaranteed in this position. Moreover, it’s also a good workout for both partners. 

  1. The Yab-Yum

In the yab-yum position, the male partner sits down with crossed legs, and the female partner sits on his lap with straddling legs. From here, the man enters his penis into the female vagina and holds each other while rocking back and forth. This position is fantastic because it is close and intimate and allows you to practice tantric eye gazing and synchronizing breath. This position will enable you to do sex even with clothes. By the closeness of this position, you can feel each other both physically and mentally. 

  1. Sizzling missionary

Let go of any old memories of those beautiful days when all you know about sex was a rhythmic up and down. Create a new version of the classic missionary experience instead. Rather than widening your legs, have your partner’s legs straddle your body, allowing mutual genital contact. This position works well because it is not based on size but rather on your relationship with your partner.    

  1. Sitting on the pillow top

To get this position, place your favourite pillow beneath your pelvis to increase the support. To thrust, bend your knees, pull your pelvis, and open your legs according to your need. This position helps you to control penetration depth and also promotes clitoral stimulation.

  1. Cowgirl

Cowgirl positions require two people, generally one person with a penis and the other person with a vagina. However, some sex expert says that any gender pairing could work with the right accessories. The person who has the penis must lie down with their legs straight, while the penetrated person kneels on top with their legs out to either side of the person lying down. Moreover, in this position, both partners face each other. 

The cowgirl position is satisfying for both partners; however, the partner on the top has more pleasant feelings. It is also popular among females because they find it easier to orgasm. 

  1. Sideways

People who love slow and romantic sex should practice this position. In this position, people face each other and can kiss each other, requiring a little effort. It is very beneficial for people who are overweight. If one or both people are heavy, it may be preferable to sit side by side so that no one partner bears the brunt of the burden. Moreover, this style is also facilitating clitoral stimulation. To get this position, both partners have to lie on their sides. The female partner lifts her leg on the top portion to enable the male to enter his penis. Once the penis is penetrated, the female partner can wrap his leg around the men’s waist says high class escorts Brisbane

  1. Woman on top 

To get this position, a woman partner climbs on the top of a male. This position helps female partners to enjoy the deep penetration as much as she wants. It is also beneficial when a male partner cannot thrust. Remember, the female partner is in charge during this position, so communicate with her if you want a break. 

  1. Spooning

To get this position, both partners lie on their sides. If you are male, then your front must be pressing against your female partner’s back. Then the female partner should separate legs, and the male partner enters his penis by finding her vagina with hand. In this position, strokes are short but target the G-spot of women. This position is beneficial to bring the woman into an orgasm more quickly. 

  1. Standing position 

It is commonly said that sex in a standing position is fun because it gets you out of bed (a favourite place of sex). Standing sex is also a good workout. The female partner raises one leg to get this position, and the male partner enters his penis. Therefore, the standing position allows deeper penetration and stimulation for both partners. Moreover, you can stand anywhere for sex. 

  1. Reverse cowgirl 

To get this, make a position like a cowgirl. However, the person on top should spin around to face the partner’s feet. The reverse cowgirl position is best for women who like to be on top, writes a London escort, and the male partner at the bottom also enjoys a stunning view. This position facilitates clitoral stimulation with deep penetration, and there are more chances of an orgasm. 

  1. Modified Doggy

It’s like a doggy position but with more deep penetration, and it’s a sexier version. To get this position, style with doggy style and then allow yourself to fall forward onto your elbows. Remember, momentum is an essential thing in this position. This position gives complete body contact, and you can do dirty talk to boost your sex drive. 

In the end:

It’s just as essential to inject some variety into your sex life as it is to take a break from a monotonous and routine life cycle. Why would you limit yourself to one position when there are so many to try? The more you experiment, the more fun you’ll have! Furthermore, unless you try it, you’ll never know how much you’d enjoy a different position. 

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