Interior Design Tips for the New Year

Interior Design Tips for the New Year

One of the first things people do after the festivities and celebrations of the festive season is to decide to ‘spring clean’ the house from top to bottom, and this is certainly one of the best ways to start afresh in the new year.

However, if you are looking to not only thoroughly clean your home but to modernize your home décor and even splash out on tins of paint and wallpaper, then you have definitely come to the right place. If you are more visually inspired, make sure to check out the facebook profile of Helen Coulston. On her page, you can see some of the designs we talk about below.

Here are five of the top interior design tips for the new year.

1.   Heritage Tiles

One of the most prominent interior design trends for kitchen and bathroom remodeling has been around for several years and shows no signs of diminishing popularity with design houses worldwide – vintage-inspired or reclaimed tiles.

Imagine the beautifully rich and diverse collection of Spanish tiles you see in religious buildings and taverna bathrooms alike, and recreate a certain number of these colors and patterns in your own home.

2.   Accentuated Borders

It may well be the case that the entirety of your doors and window frames throughout your property is plain white or cream, and this neutral design is probably similar to the original colors when you moved in.

However, for a truly stylish doorframe, choose a light aqua or turquoise paint for the doors and then a contrasting monochromatic or geometric print to frame the doors, perhaps in a deep pink or cherry red. Accentuated borders around both your doors and windows will be instantly recognizable as a fashion statement and will certainly be a talking point amongst your visitors.

3.   Ocean Color Themes

Beautiful and calming colors, such as turquoise, light greens, and aquas, are predicted to be incredibly popular for the new year and beyond, and as such, including either accents of this color in lampshades and cushions, or else painting a focal wall, would be both beneficial and stylish.

Pacific Ocean blue is also a designer favorite for the upcoming interior design shows, so choosing a stand-out piece of furniture for the living room from ligne roset bromley as a focal point for your bedroom would be an exciting addition.


4.   Modern Curves

Rounded pieces of furniture and curved archways in your backyard and garden, as well as in the doorways of a home, are two fabulous ways to inject the next interior design trend of 2023 and beyond, that of modernist curves.

When it comes to wallpaper, choose a forest or dark green wallpaper with gold-edged curves, or for a bolder choice, think psychedelic with shapes and colors across one focal wall. 

5.   Japandi

In the past few years, the Scandinavian style theme ‘Hygge’ was the leading design idea for fashionable home decorators and professional interior designers alike, but now Japandi is quickly taking over.

Japandi essentially takes the neutral color palettes and large cushions from Scandinavian design and mixes in Japanese style and efficient minimalism. Think basic color schemes, distressed wood, shabby chic paintwork and wallpaper, and a plethora of different shades of brown cushions and throws.

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