How to Teach Your Children Proper Dental Care Habits

It is important to teach your child how to care for their oral health from a young age. Here are a few ways to teach your child proper dental care habits.

Pediatric dentistry is on pace to grow past a $14 billion industry in the near future. It’s an area of dentistry that is arguably the most important because these are the oral health pros that see kids as patients. 

Pediatric dentists can help build lifelong dental habits in your kids that carry over into adulthood. Parents are still the most important factor in this equation, so make sure you’re reinforcing positive dental information at home. 

Here’s how you can get your children involved with their own dental care, as you build positive habits. 

Get Them to a Quality Pediatric Dentist

Begin by finding a quality, credible pediatric dentist that you can take your child to. They will see your child in the dental chair one or two times per year and will diagnose cavities, teach proper hygiene, and more. 

What can I do to find a dentist near me? Start with listings from the American Dental Association (ADA), and find out which dentists in your area have received awards for stellar service. 

Ask other parents in your family, your child’s school, or elsewhere in your network for leads on a pediatric dentist. 

Add Play and Games Whenever Possible

Kids respond to play, games, and anything that allows them to use their imagination. This will go a lot further than simply explaining dental care to your child. 

Get your hands on some dental books about dental care for children, learn songs for brushing and flossing, and make a game out of every aspect of dental care. Once it becomes fun, your kids will take over the rest. 

Enforce Ritual and Habit

Consistency is king when you’re trying to create positive habits with your child. If you’re loose and infrequent about things like brushing and flossing, your child won’t even remember, let alone stick to it. 

Pick a specific time of day to do both, and make these times non-negotiable. You’ll have to remember to add dental care for kids to your schedule since you’ll be an active participant until your child learns how and feels comfortable doing it themselves. 

Talk Them Through Food Decisions

Food is where a lot of people mess up with their dental care. Kids are inundated with junk food from their friends, teachers, and just about every reason to celebrate or get a treat. 

Rather than blindly giving your kids candy or sugary foods, set standards for nutrition in your home and when they’re at school. Save the sugary stuff for special occasions, and teach your kids about some healthy alternatives. Not only will ditching excessive sugar protect your children’s teeth, but it will also help them to avoid childhood obesity and other issues. 

Get the Best Dental Care You Can Find

These tips will help you when you’re trying to teach your child about dental care and need some help. You’ll be able to improve their smile and prevent cavities and infections. With good dental care habits, your kids will grow up taking excellent care of their teeth and gums. 

Want to help your kids with other aspects of their health and well-being? Study our other articles for a wealth of information. 

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