How to Support Your Friend Who Had a Baby

How to Support Your Friend Who Had a Baby

There’s no better news than hearing your friend has just had a baby. If you have been friends for many years, you may feel as though you have gained a brand-new family member as this new bundle of joy enters your life. It’s natural to want to do everything in your power to make sure your friend has everything they need as they transition to parenthood – especially if they have recently become a single parent with no other support.

The truth is that she needs your support and friendship now more than ever, so it’s always worth knowing how you can help to make her first days as a mother as smooth as possible.

Here are some of the best ways you can support your friend who had a baby:

·      Offer to help in concrete ways

In the early days of motherhood, your friend will have a lot of responsibilities on her plate and, as a result, may be struggling to carry out her domestic duties and other responsibilities. With this in mind, consider ways you can solidly help to make her days easier by offering to do her laundry, do the school runs, and even take care of the baby while she has a well-earned nap. If she hasn’t yet asked for help, it’s more than likely she fears being a burden, so make the offer before they request it to prove that you’re a genuine friend.

·      Understand her priorities

With a baby to be responsible for, your friend won’t be able to dedicate the time they once had to go out with you – but that is something you’ll have to become accustomed to if you’re keen for the friendship to last. When invited out for social activities, they may not always show up on time or even make it at all, but this is something you need to learn to accept now that she’s a mother.

One of the biggest fears of any new mom is fretting that their childless friends don’t understand the constraints of parenting and fail to include them in further meetups, so reassure her that you understand that there is no pressure to do anything.

·      Provide necessities

If you have been considering what to buy your friend’s new baby, it’s always worth gifting them essentials that they’ll need daily. This will not only help them save money but will also ensure they’re well stocked up, so they don’t have to keep venturing to the store with a newborn baby in tow. If there is a baby shower planned in the months before her due date, this post about the perfect baby shower gifts will give you some inspiration on the best items to purchase.

·      Listen

There are some days when she’s bound to struggle – whether it be having trouble feeding, lack of sleep, or feeling lonely or isolated. Allow her to vent and be a good listener during these difficult times. Having someone there to reassure them they have their back will be much appreciated.

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