How To Navigate a Risky Pregnancy: Your Guide

Have you been told that your pregnancy is higher-risk than most? Read on to learn what to do if you have a risky pregnancy.

Are you surprised that over 3.6 million babies are born in America each year?

While this number is something that should be celebrated, it’s important to remember that plenty of women struggle throughout their pregnancy journey or even miscarry. Getting through pregnancy can be tough, which is why women should learn about the causes of a high-risk pregnancy so they can be prepared.

While navigating a risky pregnancy is scary, you should feel comforted knowing that there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself and your baby safe. Read on so you can gather the best tips for you and your baby.

Stay in Closer Contact With Your OB

Anyone who has high-risk pregnancy symptoms needs to visit their obstetrician on a much more frequent basis than women with easier pregnancies. These visits will allow you to check in on your baby with ultrasounds and other tests.

Getting expert care will also help put you at ease. If you have any questions, then getting advice from your OB will help you get the most out of your pregnancy.

Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home

If you’re at a high-risk pregnancy age or have other tricky conditions, then it’s wise to monitor your blood pressure at home. This reading will be a useful gauge to see if anything could be wrong with you or the baby.

Getting a reading that’s much higher or lower than normal warrants a phone call to your OB or a trip to the hospital right away.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Indulging in some junk food cravings is fine, but the bulk of your diet should be full of nutrient-dense foods. You can even work with a pregnancy dietician to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

You also need to take vitamins every day, so your baby gets nutrients that are harder to obtain from your diet alone.

Be Diligent About Reducing Your Stress

If you strive to have a low-risk pregnancy, then minimizing your stress should be one of your top goals. Keep in mind that your mental state has a big impact on your body.

Journaling, walking, and meditating are a few common ways that people limit their stress.

Avoid Risky Pregnancy Behaviors

Every pregnant woman should avoid engaging in dangerous behaviors, but high-risk pregnancies are even more susceptible to harm.

For example, pregnancy and weed should never mix. Be mindful of how much caffeine you drink and abstain from alcohol completely.

What Is a High-Risk Pregnancy Solution? Now You Have Answers

Learning that you have a risky pregnancy can be one of the most alarming things you ever hear. Following these tips and any other information your OB gives you is crucial for keeping you and your baby safe during this time.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of becoming a parent? Taking the time to research can boost your confidence. Have a look at our other family articles so you’ll be ready to nurture a happy and healthy child.

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