How to Decorate Your Office With Desk Plants

Is your office feeling uninspired? Uplift the mood with a fresh, new perspective! Start with this mini guide to decorating with desk plants.

If you’re new to an office setting or expanding into a brand-new office, you might need some quick decorating ideas. The office decor is important, as an attractive office environment can optimize productivity. 

What better way to fulfill all these aspects than by using indoor desk plants to decorate your office environment? Plants can beautify your desk and make you feel better throughout the day.

So if you’re looking for the best way to de-stress in the comfort of your own new office/desk, look no further than these plant decorating ideas below!

Find the Right Plant for Your Space

When it comes to decorating your office with desk plants, it’s important to find the right plant for your space. Some low-maintenance office plants are snake plants, spider plants, and rubber plants.

Snake plants are easy to care for, absorbing carbon dioxide in the air and eliminating toxins. Spider plants also thrive in low light and douse the air with negative ions. Rubber plants prefer more light and are limited in height, making them an ideal choice for desk decoration.

Also, if you prefer bonsai styles, you can read much more here on how to incorporate them into your space.

Get Creative With Pot Ideas

Place potted plants onto the walls, shelves, and desks to give the feel of a light, airy space. Add color to a room by replacing boring plastic pots with ceramic ones in contrasting shades.

Consider purchasing unique items, like vintage carousel horses, to display your plants. For a pop of life and a splash of green, try hanging potted plants from the ceiling or a pot rack. 

Incorporate Different Varieties of Greenery

Select a mix of different plants that will thrive in your environment. Consider adding cacti to a shelf near the window or a pot of fiddle leaf fig to a corner. 

If you have the space, bring in a ficus or rubber tree. Place a small, decorative pot of succulents on your desk. 

To round it out, add a pretty bouquet of seasonal flowers to your desk. Or you can put a sizable plant in an attractive container near the window to bring in a hint of nature. 

Maximize Light for Healthier Plants

Improper lighting is often a problem for desk plants. So it is important to be mindful of maximizing light when it comes to desk plant decoration.

Sunlight should be a priority but if office windows are limited, look for desk plants that will thrive on artificial light. This includes peace lilies, aloe vera, and snake plants. Opt for LED lights that mimic natural sunlight and be sure to use a timer to manage when to turn it off and on.

Utilizing shelves or trellises to increase the surface area of the desk plants will also help ensure they will have enough light to stay healthy. And adding reflective surfaces around the desk plants can also help maximize existing light sources.

Make Your Office Look Inspired With Desk Plants

Desk plants are an easy and practical way to add liveliness and brightness to an office. They can be added as part of a cozy and comfortable workspace, reduce stress, and even help to improve air quality.

So don’t wait – get started decorating your office with plants today!

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