How To Add Clips To Your Hair Topper?

How To Add Clips To Your Hair Topper?

Clip-in hair toppers are the most convenient and easiest type of hairpiece to use. Adding clips to your hair topper is a great way to keep it secure, comfortable, and intact throughout the day. What’s even better is that you can add clips to any hairpiece.

Adding clips to a hair topper ensures it stays securely in place, giving you the confidence to go about your day without worrying about it shifting or slipping.

So, whether you are new to wearing hair toppers for women or want to know how to add clips to your women’s hairpiece, let us guide you through the step-by-step process for a super comfortable hair topper experience.

What are clips?

Hair toppers or wigs for women are safely attached to natural hair with the help of easy-to-use and remove clips. These hairpiece comb clips or pressure snap clips are small metallic clips in different sizes (0.75 inches, 1.25 inches width, etc), designs, colours, and types. A few of these clips are strategically sewn or glued onto human hairpieces to provide a secure and safe grip on natural hair.  You can sew on as many clips as you like.

At Superhairpieces, you can choose from a selection of clips that come in different tooth options, such as 6, 9, and 10 teeth. They also offer various types of clips, including ones with a velcro option.

Why do you need clips?

Some hairpieces come with clips, and some don’t. Even the clips that come with clips may not have the right amount or placement according to your higher hair density areas where the clips can hold on better. So, having additional clips handy is always a good idea.

How do you add clips to your hair topper?

  1. First, you must ensure that you have all the necessary materials. The things you will need to add clips to your hair toppers are hair clips, a needle, and thread that matches the colour of your hair topper. Ensure you purchase strong, secure, high-quality clips for extended usage.
  1. You must decide the ideal position to attach the clips to your hairpiece. The placement should be such that you concentrate the clips in areas with denser hair growth so that the clips can hold on to your natural hair well.

Ideally,  four clips are evenly placed around the perimeter of the base of the hairpiece. This helps add balance and ensures your hair topper stays in place without slipping or shifting. You can change the placement of these clips or add more clips according to your preference.

  1. Once the position is sorted, position your first clip on the underside of the topper where you want it to be placed.  You can start sewing your clips onto the base of your hairpiece. But first, you must ensure that you use a thread of the same colour as your hairpiece. Sew the clip onto the hair topper by stitching around the edges of the clip. Be sure to make your stitches tight and anchored securely so the clip stays in place.
  1. Test the security of your stitch and clips by gently tugging them to ensure that it’s firmly secured to the topper. If it feels loose, reinforce the stitches or reposition the clip to a more stable area on the base.
  1. Don’t let loose ends hang. Trim any excess thread to help ensure that your hair topper looks neat and tidy.
  1. Once you have added your clips, try on your hair topper to make sure it fits securely and comfortably. The clips should not be pulling on your natural hair. Adjust the placement of your clips if necessary.

Tips for using clips on hairpieces:

  • Every few months, try to change the position of the clips so that it does not cause strain on your bio hair, leading to hair loss.
  • Use a hair clip spray to avoid metal rust and infection through the clips.
  • Only sew the clips on the perimeter of the base. This will avoid damage to the larger base area.
  • You can also use wig adhesive tapes and wig glues on certain areas of the base for added security. However, this can not be used on bio hair, so you must use a wig cap or only use hairpiece adhesives in areas where the hairpiece touches your skin.

With these simple steps, you can easily add clips to your hair topper and enjoy a secure and comfortable fit all day long, knowing that your hair topper will stay in place regardless of your activities.

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