How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost?

Dental bonding is one of the most common dental procedures performed today. But how much does tooth bonding cost? Here's what you should know.

You are at the dentist getting your tooth fixed. Suddenly, the doctor asks you how much you are willing to pay.

You don’t expect things to cost money, but you realize that it can cost more if you want the best material. What do you do?

You are considering dental bonding. How much does tooth bonding cost? Here is what you need to know about it.

Average Cost of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is an aesthetic dental procedure that can restore and improve the appearance of the teeth. Generally, the procedure ranges from $300 to $600 per tooth but may be higher depending on the case’s complexity.

Insurance usually does not cover dental bonding, so factoring the cost into your budget is important. In addition to the procedure fee, you may also need to pay a small fee for any additional materials or dental X-rays that may be required. 

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Tooth Bonding?

The cost of dental bonding can vary widely depending on several factors. Here are some factors that can influence the cost:

Number of Teeth

The number of teeth that require bonding significantly affects the overall cost. The cost will be relatively low if you only need one tooth bonded. However, if you have multiple teeth with cosmetic issues or damage, the cost will increase accordingly.


The cost of dental care varies from one location to another. In major metropolitan areas or regions with a higher cost of living, dental services are more expensive than in rural areas. For example, if you’re looking for affordable dental bonding, you should consider this cosmetic dentistry in Mount Vernon, NY.

Dentist’s Experience

The level of experience and expertise of the dentist can influence the cost. Highly experienced and skilled dentists may charge higher fees for their services, as their reputation and track record can justify the higher cost.

Extent of Damage

The extent of the dental issue you’re addressing plays a significant role in determining the bonding cost. If you have a minor chip or a small cosmetic imperfection, it will generally be less expensive to repair than a more extensive problem that requires more time, skill, and material.


Different types of bonding materials are available, and the choice of material can affect the cost. Some dentists may use higher-quality composite resins or materials designed to mimic the appearance of natural teeth more effectively, which can be more expensive.

Additional Procedures

If dental bonding is part of a more extensive treatment plan, such as a smile makeover that involves multiple cosmetic procedures, the overall cost will be higher. These comprehensive treatment plans often include various procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, or orthodontic work.

Know the Answer To: How Much Does Tooth Bonding Cost?

How much does tooth bonding cost? On average, dental bonding costs from $300 to $600 per tooth. Dental bonding is a great, conservative, and affordable option to repair minor imperfections in teeth.

For a more accurate cost estimate, it is best to schedule a consultation with your dentist. So, don’t delay. Schedule dental services to discover the cost of dental bonding today!

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