Fun Birthday Party Activities for Kids Even Parents Will Enjoy

If you're planning an epic backyard party for your little one, click here to explore these exciting birthday party activities for kids!

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to get ready for many parties and festivities. Kids love having fun and creative parties to brag about for when they return to school in the fall. 

As a parent, you don’t need to have a generic party and there are many options you can take to make your child’s birthday a great one.

If you need some inspiration, here are some birthday party activities for kids that might be a great time for them and your friends too.

1) Sip and Paint

Sip & Paint activities are usually considered for the adult crowd. However, you can make it for both your children and their friends’ parents. For them, you can set it up so that they have hand painting or even simple disposable brushes. 

They can also have finger foods that will keep things simple. Meanwhile, the adults have their special drinks and better products for their painting canvases. This is an activity that can be fun for everyone!

2) Outdoor Movies

Who doesn’t like watching a movie on the big screen? Normally the silver screen is only reserved for movie theaters, but you can do it at home too.

However, you can’t watch a movie outside without building an outdoor movie screen. You can set up a white sheet outside for everyone to gather around, and set up movie snacks for people to eat, from candy to nachos; there are so many options you can offer for the kids and the adults, too.

3) Water Park Party

This one might take a little work, but could also be the most fun for everyone. You can set up an inflatable pool, as well as other waterslide inflatables to create a mini waterpark in your backyard.

Who needs to go to White Waters when you can make it at home and have everyone you want there too? You can help make your water park at the house even more fun by using these products.

4) Glow In The Dark Party

Why not have a fun little kid rave in your backyard? On a cool summer night, you can give the kids and adults alike glow sticks and have a dance party. 

Kids love to expend large amounts of energy and adults love to feel like kids again. You can serve the kids and their parents by giving them something they can do together.

5) Camp Fire Song

You can never go wrong with a camp experience for a party, especially if you want to do a giant bonfire or campfire. There are many activities you can do around the campfire, such as playing flashlight tag, duck, duck, goose, and more!

Birthday Party Activities For Kids 

Kids’ party activities are a dime a dozen, but what makes them truly memorable is what you do to make them fun and interesting. Give your kids something to talk about all summer long and even afterward.

Consider these birthday party activities for kids, and make your party the best part of the summer today. For many other birthday options to keep the festivities going for you and your family, be sure to browse our blog and find what you’re looking for.

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