Attention New Mums: 10 Tips for Self-Care

Attention New Mums: 10 Tips for Self-Care

If you have just given birth to your first child, this is a special time in every woman’s life and the experience is incredibly demanding on the body. This is a time to take extra special care of yourself and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you maintain a high level of self-care.

  1. Eat a balanced diet – Fresh fruit and vegetables should be part of your diet; you can order some fresh fruit juice powder from an online store – just add cold water, stir and you have all the nourishment of a fresh fruit juice drink. Great flavours include orange, lemon, passion fruit, apricot and guava.
  2. Stay hydrated – We are 75% water and when you’re looking after a baby and managing the other aspects of your life, you must ensure you are hydrated at all times. Order an aluminium water bottle and keep it on your belt clip when out and about and get into a routine of drinking 6-8 glasses per day. On the topic of getting around, Google ‘prams online Australia and check out some of the cool models, all at affordable prices.
  3. Syncronise your sleep with baby – Once baby is into a sleep routine, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is the time to do the housework; grabbing a power nap when a junior nods off is a smart thing to do.
  4. Create the routine you want – A baby will adapt to their new environment, so if you want to wake at 5am, so be it, before long, your routine is set and this helps you and baby in so many ways. Some women love to spend 30 minutes at dawn to sit and meditate, which is the ideal way to start the day. As a baby becomes a toddler, you need to think about screen time.
  5. Exercise – Even though you have recently been through a traumatic birthing experience, your body is ready for a good exercise routine. Yoga is great; you can incorporate your morning meditation with your daily exercise, which is a smart way to manage your time. Don’t go thinking you can skip post-natal exercises, which are designed to tighten your tummy muscles and get your hormones back to normal.
  6. Plan your meals – Unless you happen to love cooking, it’s a good idea to prepare meals that you can heat in the microwave; have a day cooking on a Sunday to set you up for a week of individual meal bags and you’ll save heaps of time.
  7. Ask for help when you need it – Let’s not forget you have a willing partner who can take the strain with you, easing the burden on mum. You’ll have plenty of time to demonstrate your supermum abilities when the baby begins to crawl and for now, assistance is always a good thing.
  8. Pamper yourself on a monthly basis – You need something to look forward to – book yourself in at the local spa & beauty centre and enjoy the experience!
  9. Daily supplement – In order to help your metabolism return to normal, you should supplement vitamins, minerals and nutrients by taking a daily A-Z tablet, which contains everything you need.
  10. Order online – The cheapest prices for essentials are online and with free delivery, you can’t go wrong.

There are resources online to help you with self-care while caring for a newborn baby, which is a busy time for every new mum.

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